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Hello friends! My name is Anthony and welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the top 10 phrases tourists should never use. Let’s start! And first phrase… Это отвратительно! (Eto otvratitel'no!) “That's disgusting!” When a person don’t like something very much, she says this is disgusting. Мне кажется, это отвратительно. (Mne kazhetsya, eto otvratitel’no.) “I think this is disgusting.” Next phrase… Моя страна лучше. (Moya strana luchshe.) “My country is better.” Each country is unique and magnificent in its own way. Therefore, it will be ugly and not correct to say that someone’s country is better. - Моя страна лучше! - Нет, моя страна лучше! ( - Moya strana luchshe! - Net, moya strana luchshe!) “- My country is better! - No! My country is better.” Next phrase… Заткнись! (Zatknis'!) “Shut up!” This is a rude form of the word “be silent” usually used during quarrel. Ты мне уже надоел, заткнись! (Ty mne uzhe nadoyel, zatknis'!) “I’m already bored of you. Shut up!” Next phrase... Мне не особенно интересна ваша культура. (Mne ne osobenno interesna vasha kul'tura.) “I'm not very interested in your culture.” Culture is different anywhere so you should not say that some were better and some were worst. У вас скучные праздники. Мне не особо интересна ваша культура. (U vas skuchnyye prazdniki. Mne ne osoba interesna vasha kul'tura.) “You have boring holidays. I’m not very interested in your culture.” Next phrase... Я не люблю знакомиться с новыми людьми. (Ya ne lyublyu znakomit’sya s novymi lud'mi.) “I don't like meeting new people.” People are different. Someone likes to meet new people and some do not, but there’s nothing wrong. Just be a good person and people will be kind to you. К примеру, я интроверт, и я не люблю знакомиться с новыми людьми. (K primeru, ya introvert, i ya ne lyublyu znakomit’sya s novymi lyud'mi.) “For example, I am an introvert, and I do not like meeting new people.” Next phrase... Давайте просто поедим в Макдональдсе. (Davayte prosto poyedim v Makdonal'dse.) “Let's just eat at McDonald's.” Everyone knows what fast food is. By the way, we discussed this word in one of the previous lessons. Something you need to eat quickly and continue to run and do your things. In such cases, you can help out one of the fast food restaurants, for example, McDonalds. By the way in Russia, it is something called short - Макдак (Makdak). У меня совсем нет времени. Может, давай просто поедим в Макдональдсе? (U menya sovsem net vremeni. Mozhet, davay prosto poyedim v Makdonal'dse?) Давай. (Davay.) “I don’t have time. Maybe, let’s just eat at McDonald’s?” “Okay.” Next phrase… Скучно! (Skuchno!) “Boring!” When you have nothing to do or bad weather outside the window, you get bored. Мне скучно. Пошли в другое место. (Mne skuchno. Poshli v drugoye mesto.) “I’m bored. Let’s go to another place.” Next phrase… На вкус ужасно. (Na fkus uzhasno.) “This tastes awful.” If you decide to travel, be prepared for the fact that the cuisine of other countries may differ from your countries, very much differ. Therefore, maybe this tastes awful for you, but for other people, it can be the most favorite dish. Что ты думаешь насчёт этого блюда? (Chto ty dumayesh’ nashchot etogo blyuda?) Мне не понравилось. На вкус ужасно. (Mne ne ponravilos'. Na vkus uzhasno.) “What do you think about this dish?” “I do not like it. This tastes awful.” Next phrase... Я собираюсь провести весь день в отеле. (Ya sobirayus' provesti ves' den' v otele.) “I'm going to spend the day in the hotel.” It’s strange, but there are people who do not leave their hotel room at all during the trip. Я собираюсь провести весь день в отеле. (Ya sobirayus' provesti ves' den' v otele.) “I'm going to spend the day in the hotel.” Next phrase… Это глупо. (Eto glupo.) “This is stupid.” This phrase means something illogical, something stupid. Мой друг купил автомобиль. Но у него нет водительских прав. Это так глупо. (Moy drug kupil avtomobil'. No u nego net voditel'skikh prav. Eto tak glupo.) “My friend bought a car, but he doesn’t have a driving license. It is so stupid.” And for today, it’s all. Thank you so much for watching. Today, we have talked about the top 10 phrases tourists should never use. What kind of similar phrases do you know? Write your answers in the comments and don’t forget to check out RussianPod101.com to learn more Russian. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!). Bye-bye.