Tutorial Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Katyusha and I am here with you at Top 25 Russian nouns. Now let’s begin! человек Man. человек. the tricky thing with this word is that in plural, it changes completely. So one man is человек and many men is люди . Have you seen this man? Вы видели этого человека? год Year. The year has passed so quickly! Год пролетел так быстро! время Time. This noun we are going to use a lot of times every time you want to know what time it is now. So excuse me, what time is it now? Извините, который сейчас час? Которое сейчас время? Again when you ask for time, you can use two synonym words, nouns in the Russian which is время as we just learned and час literally means hour. рука Hand. One hand, two hands руки Give me your hand. Дай мне свою руку. Дай мне свою руку. имя Name. What’s your name? Как тебя зовут? How people call you, literally, which means by name. I hope it’s not confusing for you. раз Time (when counted). When we are counting something, one time, two times, three times… Сколько раз ты ходишь в зал? How many times do you go to gym? деньги Money. In Russia, we show this for money деньги So if you see somebody showing you this sign, it means they want some money from you. Give me some money Дай мне деньги. Дай мне деньги. Жизнь Life. Life is so good! Жизнь прекрасна! You can use that and if you are good and if you are happy, so you can say Жизнь прекрасна! Life is good. день Day. What a great day! Какой прекрасный день! What day is it today? Какой сегодня день? голова Head. голова. One head is good, but two is better. Одна голова хорошо, а две лучше. друг Friend. Hello my friend! Здравствуй, мой дорогой друг! дом Home. Welcome to my home! Добро пожаловать в мой дом! слово word. Pay attention to which word you are using Смотри за словами. Смотри за словами. And maybe it’s not very literal translation but it means watch your mouth or something like that. место Place. Okay let’s pick the place for a meeting. Давай выберем место для встречи. Давай выберем место для встречи. That’s a great place to have a cup of tea. Это отличное место для чашечки кофе. лицо Face. Face. лицо Your face looks familiar. Твое лицо мне знакомо. неделя Week. Call me next week. Позвони мне на следующей неделе. нога Leg, or legs ноги. Now... You have nice legs. У тебя красивые ноги. мать Mama, mother. I will like talking to your mother. Мне очень нравится общаться с твоей мамой. Okay, мать is more like official way of saying it when you don’t know whose mother we are talking about but мама is more like friendly and personally if you really know your friend’s mother in person. So you can say, your mother твоя мама. отец Papa, father. Basically the same with the mother. You can say in the official way, отец. your father твой отец or you can say in a more friendly way твой папа. Your father твой папа. Tвой папа любит рыбалку? Does your father like fishing? Tвой папа любит рыбалку? месяц Month. This word in two different meanings. One is as I just mentioned about, month and another one is a moon. The young moon is месяц When it’s not full moon but you know the young kind of shape like its eaten cheese. Today we are talking about the months. Months of the year. месяц года What month of the year is it now? Какой сейчас месяц года? час Hour. Basically when somebody is asking you what time is it now, they are asking which hour is it now. So they can ask you Который сейчас час? What time is it now? Который сейчас час? It is 5 o’ clock now. Сейчас пять часов. In plural, it’s changing a little bit. So it becomes часы and again, it can be tricky because часы the word, the noun часы could be used for “watch”. сестра sister сестра Have you met his sister, she is very nice. Ты знаком с его сестрой? Она очень приятная девушка. брат Brother. Please come, I will introduce you to my brother. Приходи, я познакомлю тебя со своим братом. вода Water. Ah I am so thirsty, please give me some water. Я умираю от жажды, дай мне воды. сумка Bag. Please take care of your bag. Пожалуйста, смотри за своей сумкой. So thank you guys for staying with us and it was top 25 Russian nouns with me, Katyusha and I will see you again for next time. Don’t forget to subscribe, see you. пока пока.