Tutorial Transcript

Want to speak real Russian from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at RussianPod101.com. Oh hi! It's me Katyusha. I was just having a bite here, but welcome, welcome! Today we're gona be talking about 10 foods that will kill you faster! Killer food! I just had a bite that taste so good. бекон (bekon) "bacon" "Every time I go to the restaraunt I wanna eat bacon." Каждый раз, когда я иду в ресторан, я хочу съесть бекон. (Kazhdyy raz, kagda ya idu v restaran, ya khachu s'yest' bekon.) замороженные блюда (zamarozhennyye blyuda) "frozen meals" “I have a lot of frozen meals in my fridge.“ В моем холодильнике много замороженных блюд. (V mayom khaladil'nike mnoga zamarozhennykh blyut.) "Come over to my place, lets cook some frozen meals." Приходи в гости, приготовим замороженные блюда. (Prikhadi v gosti, prigatovim zamarozhennyye blyuda.) газированная вода (gazirovannaya vada) "soda" We usually don't say this, these two long words anymore, we just say the name of the soda brand, Cola or Fanta, something like that. So in Soviet Union times we used to have this kind of machines outside, you can just put some money and get a cup of just a soda, at that time we didn't have any brands, so… It was so delicious. "I'll go outside get some soda." Я пойду выйду за газированной водой. (Ya paydu vyydu za gazirovannay vadoy.) картофельные чипсы (kartofel'nyye chipsy) "potato chips" Who can survive an evening in front of tv without potato chips? No one! "Oh, no! I forgot to get potato chips!" Как я могла забыть картофельные чипсы! (Kak ya magla zabyt' kartofel'nyye chipsy!) Я забыла картофельные чипсы. (Ya zabyla kartofel'nyye chipsy.) попкорн для микроволновки (papkorn dlya mikravalnofki) "microwave popcorn" But it's so good, how can it be so unhealthy and try to kill me? Delicious, delicious popcorn. "I love microwave popcorn." Я обожаю попкорн для микроволновки. (Ya abazhayu papkorn dlya mikravalnofki.) Actually we don't say “for microwave” anyway, we just say “popcorn”. энергетические напитки (energeticheskiye napitki) "energy drinks" It’s unfortunately not good for us. "Let's get few energy drinks for tomorrow." Давай купим несколько энергетических напитков на завтра. (Davay kupim neskal'ka energeticheskikh napitkaf na zaftra.) конфета (kanfeta) "candy” конфеты (kanfety) “candies" "My dentist told me not to eat any candies." Мой стоматолог сказал, мне нельзя есть конфеты. (Moy stamatolak skazal, mne nel'zya yest' kanfety.) лапша быстрого приготовления (lapsha bystrava prigatavleniya) "instant noodles" So no time for dinner, what you do is just “let's cook some instant noodles." Давай приготовим лапшу быстрого приготовления. (Davay prigatovim lapshu bystrava prigatavleniya.) Yes. Fast and easy! сахар (sakhar) "sugar" "I put too much sugar into my cup of tea." Я кладу слишком много сахара в мою чашку чая. (Ya kladu slishkam mnoga sakhara v mayu chashku chaya.) соль (sol') "salt" "I don't like this cuisine because it has too much salt." Мне не нравится эта кухня, в ней много соли. (Mne ne nravitsa eta kukhnya, v ney mnoga soli.) Мне не нравится эта кухня, в ней слишком много соли. (Mne ne nravitsa eta kukhnya, v ney slishkam mnoga soli.) It was our 10 foods that will kill you faster, and we don't want to die but we still want to eat it. Now you know how to say the Russian, so it's just great. Hope it was useful, and don't forget to subscribe, of course! Bye bye! пока пока (paka-paka)! It was good to share with you!