Tutorial Transcript

Всем привет. (Vsem privet.) Hi! It’s me Katya and today, our topic is top 10 phrases your parents always say. Let’s see if these phrases sound familiar to you. Будь осторожен. (Bud' ostorozhen.) “Be careful.” Number one - Будь осторожен. (Bud' ostorozhen.) “Be careful.” Be careful! Тише! (Tishe!) “Be quiet.” Тише! Тут нельзя разговаривать. (Tishe! Tut nel'zya razgovarivat'.) “Be quiet! You cannot speak in here.” It’s like usually in the theater or in the museum. In church. Yeah, or in church, yes. Always same thing. Веди себя хорошо. (Vedi sebya khorosho.) “Behave.” Сейчас мы пойдём к моей подруге, веди себя хорошо. (Seychas my poydyom k moyey podruge, vedi sebya khorosho.) “We’re going to visit my friends. Behave yourself.” Делай домашнюю работу! (Delay domashnyuyu rabotu!) “Do your homework!” Ты сделал домашнюю работу? Сейчас же делай домашнюю работу! (Ty sdelal domashnyuyu rabotu? Seychas zhe delay domashnyuyu rabotu!) “Did you do your homework? Do your homework now! Иди спать. (Idi spat'.) “Go to bed.” Выключи телевизор. (Vykluchi televizor.) “No more TV. Go to bed, now!” Иди спать, сейчас же! (Idi spat', seychas zhe!) Считаю до трёх. (Shchitayu do tryokh.) “I'm going to count to three.” Выключи компьютерную игру сейчас же. Я считаю до трёх. (Vykluchi komp'yuternuyu igru seychas zhe. Ya shchitayu do tryokh.) “Turn off your computer now. I am going to count to three.” Раз. Два. Три… (Ras. Dva. Tri…) “1. 2. 3…” No, no. Don’t, don’t turn it off. Stay with me, stay with me, Katya, Russian language. Хватит. (Khvatit.) “Stop.” Хватит плакать! Хватит, всё, хватит! (Khvatit plakat'! Khvatit, vsyo, khvatit!) “Stop crying! Stop it, stop!” Stop running around! Stop! Хватит бегать! Хватит! (Khvatit begat'! Khvatit!) Что ты сказал? (Chto ty skazal?) “What did you say?” To your mother. What did you say? Excuse me, can you repeat it again? Я не шучу. (Ya ne shuchu.) “I'm not kidding.” Так. Я не шучу. (Tak. Ya ne shuchu.) “I’m not kidding. Seriously.” Сейчас же выключай телевизор. (Seychas zhe vyklyuchay televizor.) “Turn the TV off, now.” Сейчас же выключай телевизор! Который час уже?! (Seychas zhe vyklyuchay televizor! Kotoryy chas uzhe?!) “What time is it?! Turn the TV off, now!” So what do you think? Did your parents tell you the same things. Now, you can repeat it in Russian and they wouldn’t understand it which is a good part. Now it was 10 phrases your parents always say. Stay with me, Katya, and I will see you in another lesson. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe to RussianPod101.com. Пока-пока! (Poka-poka!)