Tutorial Transcript

Hello, everyone, and it's me, Katyusha, Привет! Привет! (Privet!) Let's begin 10 break up lines. Now, what shall we start with? Дело не в тебе, а во мне. (Dela ne f tebe, a va mne.) You know, ”It's not you, it's me." Дело не в тебе, а во мне. (Dela ne f tebe, a va mne.) I really hope you don’t have the need to breakup in Russian language, but if you do, you should do it properly, so let's keep moving to the next line. Мне нужно сосредоточиться на своей карьере. (Mne nuzhna sasredatochitsa na svaey kar'ere.) "I need to focus on my career." So goodbye. Мне нужно сосредоточиться на своей карьере. (Mne nuzhna sasredatochitsa na svaey kar'ere.) And we should emphasize on “focus” сосредоточиться (sasredatochitsa) Мы должны начать встречаться с другими людьми. (My dalzhny nachat' fstrechatsa s drugimi lyud'mi.) "We should start seeing other people." Well, yeah, you can, I guess you're right. I can go start seeing other people, and you go, you can go wherever you want. Иди своей дорогой. (Idi svaey darogay.) "Go, go your way." Ты заслуживаешь лучшего. (Ty zasluzhivaesh' luchsheva.) "You deserve better." The better person, the better somebody. Ты заслуживаешь лучшего. (Ty zasluzhivaesh' luchsheva.) I know I deserves the best, of course, I didn't need you to tell me that. So, but if I chose you, I guess it was the best for me, but sorry I didn't approve that. Да, я заслуживаю лучшего. И это не ты. (Da, ya zasluzhivayu luchsheva. I eta ne ty.) "I deserve the best and it's not you." Я думаю, нам стоит сделать перерыв. (Ya dumayu, nam stoit sdelat' pereryf.) "I think we need a break." "What kind of break?" Какой перерыв? (Kakoy pereryf?) Coffee break? Tea break? Chocolate break? Я думаю, что мы слишком спешим. (Ya dumayu, shto my slishkam speshym.) "I think we are moving too fast." I guess it's a reaction of the guy who just, his girlfriend just told him they should have kids and get married, or something that. So I think this phrase is quite common among men, I think generally not only in Russia. Да, я думаю, дорогая, мы немножко спешим. (Da, ya dumayu, daragaya, my nemnoshka speshym.) Дорогая, ты не думаешь, что мы немножко спешим? (Daragaya, ty ne dumaesh, shto my nemnoshka speshym?) "Darling, don’t you think we are rushing a bit? Or we are moving too fast?” Don't you think so, darling? Мы просто не подходим друг другу. (My prosta ne patkhodim drug drugu.) "We are just not right for each other." Well, no comments. Я недостаточно хорош для тебя. (Ya nedastatachna kharosh dlya tebya.) "I'm not good enough for you." Well it's kind of difficult to say whether the person is lacking the self-confidence, or just trying to be nice when he wants to get rid of you. Yeah… not clear, not clear, but я заслуживаю лучшего (ya zasluzhivayu luchsheva) “you deserve better”. Now... Я больше не люблю тебя. (Ya bol'she ne lyublyu tebya.) "I just don't love you anymore." Ok, well, my answer will be “I deserve better”. Я больше не люблю тебя. (Ya bol'she ne lyublyu tebya.) Прости, но я влюбилась в другого. (Prasti, no ya vlyubilas' v drugova.) Or, Прости, но я влюбился в другую. (Prasti, no ya vlyubilsya v druguyu.) "Sorry, but I fell in love with someone else." It's you're truly feeling, so the person cannot really get upset or angry, because you can't control emotions, unfortunately. 10 lines how to break up with someone in Russian language. I wish you never use it, but if you really need it, you’re prepared! Ok, thank you for watching, and stay with me Katyusha. Bye-bye! Don't forget to subscribe, otherwise I’ll break up.