Tutorial Transcript

Wanna speak real Russian from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at RussianPod101.com. Всем привет (Vsem privet)! And it’s me, Katya, hi there! And today we are going to be talking about a very delicious topic, Ten Russian Foods. What Russian people eat? The first Russian food I’m gonna talk about has a very weird name because, I think it comes out to somebody’s family name, and it sounds like, бефстроганов (befstroganof) “beef stroganoff” And we talk about meat. So yes, I love beef stroganoff and now I’m talking about it, I would want to have one. So, “Let's order beef stroganoff.” Давай закажем бефстроганов. (Davay zakazhem befstroganof.) борщ (borshch) “borsch” I think it’s one of the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine. In other Soviet Union countries, they also have this dish. Some people would add mushrooms, some people would add bacon, some people would add only like pork or something else. “Have you tried borsch before?” Вы пробовали борщ раньше? (Vy probavali borshch ran'she?) окрошка (akroshka) Pay attention, it is said “o” from the beginning but actually when I say it; it sounds with “a” (akroshka). We will like to eat it cold especially in summer. “Please try okroshka.” Пожалуйста, попробуйте окрошку. (Pazhalusta, paprobuyte akroshku.) пельмени (pel'meni) “pelmeni (dumplings)” Reminding many people, Chinese Gyoza, it’s minced meat inside, there cannot be anything else, only minced meat. So, пельмени (pel'meni). “We can try and make pelmeni together.” Мы можем попробовать сделать пельмени вместе. (My mozhem paprobavat' zdelat' pel'meni vmeste.) пирожки (pirashki) “pirozhki” Very famous from, again, Soviet Union times “pirozhki”. Pirozhki with a cabbage, with meat, with berries, like fruits, apples. The grandmas were like outside baking Pirozhki at home and selling in just outside to anyone, any passing-by person. Oh! So delicious! “Hot pirozhki.” Горячие пирожки. (Garyachiye pirashki.) Maybe in old movies, you can hear it, Горячие пирожки. Горячие пирожки. (Garyachiye pirashki! Garyachiye pirashki!) “Hot pirozhki!” “Hot pirozhki!” Everyone, come up! Come and buy it from me! сырники (syrniki) “syrniki (fried curd cheese pancakes)” сырники (syrniki) “syrniki” is made from cottage cheese, and it’s very good with sour cream and a bit of sugar on top or, like, jam. Oh, it’s so good! Моя мама делает очень вкусные сырники. (Maya mama delayet ochen' fkusnyye syrniki.) “My mom can cook very delicious syrniki.” уха (ukha) “ukha (fish soup)” Basically fish soup, it’s actually food for people who go fishing, because, with a simple set of fire and cooking pan, you just put water inside; you put fish that you just caught, potatoes, onions, and like simple vegetables, and it's ready. Ta-da! Yха (Ukha)! щи (shchi) “shchi” So, it’s a traditional soup commonly made of sorrel. In the country side, we grow it a lot, sorrel. So it’s very nice to eat it summer because, with the sour cream, of course, it’s great combination for our summer when it’s too hot. красная икра (krasnaya ikra) “red caviar” So, it’s just to be very delicacy food in old times so not everyone could afford it. Even now it’s quite expensive if it’s good one. So, but we have many different, let’s say, types of it so you can go to the shop and choose one you like. “Which red caviar would you recommend?” Какую красную икру Вы бы порекомендовали? (Kakuyu krasnuyu ikru Vy by parekamendavali?) вареники (vareniki) “vareniki” “Vareniki” is similar to “Pelmeni” but it has a different shape like a half moon. Also, it can have not only meat, not only apples or some vegetables, it can also have cottage cheese and, again, the last touch, you add sour cream in the end. I love vareniki with cherries, very delicious! You should try one. So, please try to cook Russian food or order it somewhere in a restaurant, and hope you will enjoy it and hope you will love it. It was me, Katya, and Ten Russian Foods for you. So don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you another time. See you later! пока пока (paka-paka)!