Tutorial Transcript

Mooo! Moo! Hello, everybody! It’s me Katya. Welcome to our new topic, 10 animal sounds. Let’s see what kind of sounds I can do. Let’s begin, давай начнем (davay nachnem)! Коровы мычат. Му. (Karovy mychat. Mu.) “Cows moo. Moo.” Could you hear the slight difference between English-speaking cows like moo and Russian-speaking cows like mу (mu)? Can you hear? It’s totally different so be careful. Кошки мяукают. Мяу. (Koshki myaukayut. Myau.) “Cats meow. Mew.” Rrrr, rrrrrrr, rrrrrrr. Again, it’s just different language. I don’t think Russian cats can understand English-speaking cats. There’s no way, mяу (myau) so cute. Львы рычат. Ррр. (L'vy rychat. Rrr.) “Lions roar. Rawr.” Rawr… rrr...rrrgh. I’m not very good at lion’s language. Rawr, rrr, rr... That sounds like a pirate now. Big rawrrr! Rawrrr... so yeah, the Russian “R”, this is a trick, you have to say it like really strong, rrrr, rrrr, as much as you can. The English “R’ is very soft like it sounds like English-speaking lions, they’re a little bit like tired and lazy like, rrr, kind of. And the Russian ones like really going to eat you like rrrr…like come here. Овцы блеют. Ме. (Oftsy bleyut. Me.) “Sheeps baa. Baa.” I mean you can hear that the Russian-speaking sheep, they’re more sophisticated like they sound more intellectual, no? Like mee...meeee…meee… instead of meee. I think there is a big difference. Петухи кукарекают. Кукареку. (Petukhi kukarekayut. Kukareku.) “Roosters crow. Cock-a-doodle-doo.” Петухи кукарекают. Кукареку. (Petukhi kukarekayut. Kukareku.) My god, how do they do that? “Roosters crow. Cock-a-doodle-doo.” Almost sounds like, “How are you? How are you?” no? I prefer the English version, Кукареку. (Kukarekayut.) “Cock-a-doodle-doo.”, doodle doo, dododododo, dododo, nice. Волки воют. Ууу. (Volki voyut. Uuu.) “Wolves howl. Woo.” I love wolves. Пчелы жужжат. Жжж. (Pcholy zhuzzhat. Zhhhh.) “Bees buzz. Bzzz.” I wonder which one are more annoying, жжж. (zhhhh) or bzzz, both are annoying. Свиньи хрюкают. Хрю-хрю. (Svin'i khryukayut. Khryu-khryu.) “Pigs snort. Oink.” That’s a weird sound. Oink, oink, oink is cute though you know, oink, oink, oink, oink. Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink. Oink, oink. Oink, oink...oink, oink….Oink, oink….oink, oink. That’s so cute. I like cute piggies. Собаки лают. Гав-гав. (Sabaki layut. Gaf-gaf.) “Dogs bark. Woof-woof.” Bow wow, bow wow wow, wow…bow wow... bow wow wow wow wow wow! No it sounds like woof. Индюки кулдыкают. Бал-бал. (Indyuki kuldykayut. Bal-bal.) “Turkeys gobble. Gobble-gobble.” I’m sure you can do much better than me. We’re getting close to the end of our 10 must-know animal sounds. Please, please comment so I can understand how you make the sounds like how does it sound when you say it. Russian animals, I mean they speak pretty hard language I mean, I don’t know. How about English-speaking animals? It’s amazing, how can we copy that? I don’t know. Today, I tried my best so stay with us, RussianPod101.com till the next video. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!).