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Hello friends! My name is Antony and welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let’s start! ужин при свечах (uzhin pri svechakh) “candlelit dinner” You need to turn off all the lights in your house, set the table for two and light the candles ideally. Моя девушка устроила ужин при свечах на 14 февраля. (Moya devushka ustroila uzhin pri svechakh na chetyrnadtsatoye fevralya.) “My girlfriend made a candlelit dinner on February 14th.” отправиться на долгую прогулку (otpravit’sya na dolguyu progulku) “to go for a long walk” You can walk in the park, in the woods, around the city. This will help you become closer to each other. Если хочешь поближе познакомиться с девушкой - предложи ей отправиться куда-нибудь на долгую прогулку. (Yesli khochesh poblizhe poznakomit’sya s devushkoy - predlozhi yey otpravit’sya kuda-nibud' na dolguyu progulku. “If you want to get to know the girl, you should invite her to go somewhere for a long walk.” пойти в боулинг (poyti v bouling) “to go bowling” Doing joint activities, you can basically get to know each other. Playing in bowling alley is a great opportunity for this. Я пригласил её в боулинг в субботу. (Ya priglasil yeyo v bouling v subbotu.) “I invited her to go bowling on Saturday.” сходить в океанариум (skhodit' v okeanarium) “to go to the aquarium” Aquarium is also a great place for your date. Не хочешь сходить в океанариум завтра? (Ne khochesh skhodit' v okeanarium zavtra?) “Would you like to go to the aquarium tomorrow?” Next idea… пойти в оперу (poyti v operu) “to go to the opera” Do you like opera? If so, do not hesitate to go there to celebrate your date. Жена предложила пойти в оперу на нашу годовщину. (Zhena predlozhila poyti v operu na nashu godovshchinu.) “My wife suggested we go to the opera for our anniversary.” сходить в зоопарк (skhodit' v zoopark) “to go to the zoo” Go to the zoo, look at animals, relax, it’s so wonderful. Мы ходили в зоопарк вчера, ели мороженое и много разговаривали. (My khodili v zoopark vchera, yeli morozhenoye i mnogo razgovarivali.) “We went to the zoo yesterday and ate ice cream and talked a lot.” устроить пикник (ustroit' piknik) “have a picnic” You can take some food, beverages, go out in the nature and have a picnic. Может, устроить пикник, что думаешь? (Mozhet, ustroit' piknik, chto dumayesh?) “Maybe we should have a picnic. What do you think?” Next idea... поужинать и посмотреть фильм (pauzhinat' i posmotret' fil'm) “to have dinner and see a movie” If you don’t want to go somewhere, you can stay at home, eat dinner and watch some interesting movie. Я устал сегодня, давай просто поужинаем и посмотрим фильм? (Ya ustal segodnya, davay prosto pauzhinayem i posmotrim fil'm.) “I'm so tired today; let's just have dinner and see a movie?” Next idea... прокатиться на пароме (prokatit’sya na parome) “to take a ferry ride” To take a ferry ride is a very romantic idea for a date. Прокатиться на пароме на закате - отличная идея для свидания. (Prokatit’sya na parome na zakate - otlichnaya ideya dlya svidaniya.) “Taking a ferry ride at sunset is a great idea for the date.” пойти в музей (poyti v muzey) “to go to the museum” To go to the museum and look at interesting historical objects is a great idea and especially for a date. Тебе не кажется, что походы по музеям - это немного старомодно? (Tebe ne kazhetsya, chto pokhody po muzeyam - eto nemnogo staramodno?) Нет, думаю, ей понравится! (Net, dumayu yey ponravitsya!) “Don't you think that going to the museum is kind of old-fashioned? “No, I think she is going to like it!” And for today, it’s all. Thank you so much for watching. Today, we have talked about the 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Which idea did you like most? Write your answers in the comments. Don’t forget to check out RussianPod101.com to learn more Russian. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it. Пока-пока! (Poka-poka!) Bye-bye.