Tutorial Transcript

Привет всем!(Privet fvem)! Hi everyone, and I am Katyusha and today, we are going to talk about 10 Lines You Need for Introducing Yourself. Let’s begin! Меня зовут Катюша. (Menya zavut Katyusha.) "My name is Katusha." Меня зовут (Menya zavut) "My name is…” So when you meet someone for the first time as we probably talked about it before, you say your name. You can practice. Hi my name is Katyusha, what’s your name? Oh, nice to meet you. Мне.....лет. (Mne.....let.) "I am.....years old." Maybe you don’t really want to discuss your age but if somebody asks you, you should answer, for example 18, Мне восемнадцать лет (Mne vasemnadtsat' let). “How old are you?” Сколько тебе лет? (Skol'ka tebe let?) “I am 102 years old.” Мне сто два года. (Mne sto dva goda.) Be careful with Russian because if you just noticed, I didn’t say лет(let) but I said года(good) “Years”. It can differ from which numbers do you use depends on which age you say. So be careful. Tricky Russian yeah! Мне очень нравится (слушать музыку) (Mne ochen' nravitsa (slushat' muzyku)) "I like (listening to music)." So I enjoy or I like is Мне нравится (Mne nravitsa), and then you can say what you like. “I enjoy playing computer.” Мне нравится играть на компьютере. (Mne nravitsa igrat' na kamp'yutere.) “I like going out.” Мне нравится ходить по клубам. (Mne nravitsya khadit' pa klubam) “I like shopping.” Мне нравится ходить по магазинам. (Mne nravitsa khadit' pa magazinam.) Or “I like you.” Ты мне нравишься. (Ty mne nravish'sya.) Одно из моих хобби (чтение). (Adno is maikh khobbi (chteniye).) "One of my hobbies is reading." Or you can say, my hobby is Моё хобби рисовать (Mayo khobbi risavat’) "My hobby is to draw." Моё хобби - икебана. (Mayo khobbi - ikebana) Привет. Приятно познакомиться. (Privet. Priyatna paznakomitsa.) "Hi. Nice to meet you." So you should try saying, you say “hello” Привет (Privet), and then you say your name, and then, "nice to meet you" Приятно познакомиться. (Priyatna paznakomitsa). The friendly “you” will be Ты (ty); and the polite “you” will be Вы (vy). So when you want to emphasize on someone being friendly and you just met, you say Приятно с тобой познакомиться. (Priyatna s taboy paznakomitsa.) “Nice to meet you” as friendly. And “nice to meet you” as polite will be Приятно с Вами познакомиться. (Priyatna s Vami paznakomitsa.) Okay so just a small little touch for you. Hope it’s going to be useful. Я из Москвы. (Ya iz Maskvy.) "I am from Moscow." Я из Америки. (Ya iz Ameriki.) “I am from America.” Я из России. (Ya iz Rasii) “I am from Russia.” Я изучаю русский в течение года. (Ya izuchayu russkiy f techeniye goda.) "I've been learning Russian for a year." Okay how long have you been studying Russian hah? I hope you are progressing with me. Я учитель. (Ya uchitel'.) "I am a teacher." Я твой учительor (Ya tvoy uchitel’); or you can say in a feminine way, Я твоя учительница (Ya tvoya uchitel'nitsa) Я учительница (Ya uchitel'nitsa). Я учу русский на RussianPod101.com (Ya uchu russkiy na RussianPod101.com) "I am learning Russian on RussianPod101.com" Yes I said it, so you are proud. You just say, oh I am learning Russian on RussianPod101.com, of course. Чем ты занимаешься? (Chem ty zanimayesh'sya?) "What do you do?" Hi, what do you do? Привет. Чем ты занимаешься? (Privet. Chem ty zanimayesh'sya?) What do you do can mean what are you doing now, right now like you come back home and say oh what are you doing kind of thing or you can just say like you are asking someone what kind of job or work they are doing in their life. So it can be useful. Okay so that was 10 Lines You Will Need to Introduce Yourself. So I hope you liked it and please leave me your comments. Nice meeting you and don’t forget to subscribe. пока пока (paka-paka)! What are we doing today? Stick it to my skin. like in a sauna!