Tutorial Transcript

Всем привет! (Vsem privet!) Hi, everybody! It’s me Katya. Welcome to the RussianPod101.com. Today, our topic is 5 sentence patterns for beginners. So if you’re a beginner, it’s perfect for you. Watch me! Меня зовут [A]. (Menya zavut [A].) “My name is [A].” Меня зовут (Menya zavut) and your name. “My name is” and your name. Меня зовут Сергей. А Вас? (Menya zavut Sergey. A Vas?) “My name is Sergey. And you?” Я [A]. (Ya [A].) “I am [A].” Я учитель. (Ya uchitel'.) “I am a teacher.” Где [A]? (Gde [A]?) “Where is [A(name, noun)]?” Где Джон? (Gde Dzhon?) Gde vakzal? (Где вокзал?) “Where is John?” “Where is the station?” Так [A]! (Tak [A]!) “That's so [A(adjective)]!” Так красиво! (Tak krasiva!) “That's so beautiful!” Так дорого! (Tak doraga!) “That's so expensive!” I prefer beautiful example. Я люблю [A] (Ya lyublyu [A].) “I like [A] (verb or noun).” Я люблю шоколад. (Ya lyublyu shakalat.) “I like chocolate.” Я люблю петь. (Ya lyublyu pet') “I like to sing.” There is a slight difference in like and love, but in this case, люблю (lyublyu) is something you really, really like. So we also use it to love something like “I love chocolate.” But if you really like something, you can also say this word in Russian, люблю (lyublyu). Hey, so it was me Katya with 5 sentence patterns for beginners. How did you like it? Please comment and stay with me in RussianPod101.com. See you later! Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!)