Tutorial Transcript

Hello, friends! My name is Anthony and welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the top 10 gamer speak words. Let’s start! And first word... достижение (dastizheniye) “achievement” In video gaming, achievement is also sometimes known as a trophy, badge, award, stamp, medal or challenge, is a meta-goal defined outside of a game’s parameters. Поздравляем с получением нового достуижения! (Pazdravlyayem s palucheniyem novava dastizheniya!) “Congratulations on gaining the new achievement.” Next word.. киберспорт (kibersport) “eSports” eSports is a sport associated with competitions in various video games. Мой друг решил заняться киберспортом. (Moy druk reshyl zanyatsa kibersportam.) “My friend decided to do eSports.” Next word… РПГ (erpege) “RPG (role player game)” It’s a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Мои друзья и я начали играть в РПГ. (Mai druz'ya i ya nachali igrat' v erpege.) “My friends and I started playing in RPG.” Next word… пошаговая стратегия (pashagavaya strategiya) “turn-based strategy” It’s a strategy game where players take turn when playing. For example, the game Heroes of Might and Magic. Компания Sega в 2016 году выпустила пошаговую стратегию "Total War: Warhammer". (Kampaniya Sega v 2016 gadu vypustila pashagavuyu strategiyu "Total War: Warhammer".) “The company Sega, in 2016, released a turn-based strategy 'Total War: Warhammer'.” Next word... NPC [неигровой персонаж] (enpisi ([eigravoy persanash]) “NPC (non-player characters)” This is a game character not controlled by the player such as monsters or characters that give you tasks in the game. Я только что получил задание у этого NPC. (Ya tol'ka shto paluchil zadaniye u etava enpisi.) “I've just resolved a new assignment from this NPC.” Next word контрольная точка [чекпойнт] (kantrol'naya tochka [chekpoynt]) “checkpoint” This is the sort of place in the game where you can save your game play and also move to the next task. Наконец-то я добрался до чекпойнта(контрольной точки). (Nakanets-ta ya dabralsya da chekpoynta [kantrol'nay tochki].) “Finally, I go to the checkpoint.” Next word… босс (boss) “boss” This is the most powerful opponent in the game. After which, the game is over or you can move to the next level. В этой игре такой сильный босс. (V etay igre takoy sil'nyy boss.) “In this game there's a strong boss.” Next word… автосохранение (aftasakhraneniye) “autosave” This is the most cool thing in the game because after autosave, you cannot be afraid to lose all you can play. Это был очень сложный уровень, и я рад, что здесь есть автосохранение. (Eta byl ochen' slozhnyy uraven', i ya rat, shto zdes' yest' aftasakhraneniye.) “It was a very difficult level and I'm glad that there is autosave here.” Next word... молодец (maladets) “well played” This is one of the form of phrase for good game. Ты победил последнего босса и прошёл эту игру. Молодец! (Ty pabedil pasledneva bossa i prashol etu igru. Maladets!) “You defeated the last boss and beat the game. Well played!” Next word... читер (chiter) “cheater” This is a player who uses third-party programs to achieve better results in the game and no one like them. Посмотрите на его игру, он же явный читер. (Pasmatrite na evo igru, on zhe yavnyy chiter.) “Look at his game. He's an obvious cheater.” And folks, that’s all! Thank you so much for watching. Today, we have talked about the top 10 gamer speak words and what is your favorite video game? Don’t forget to check out RussianPod101.com to learn more Russian. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!) Bye-bye!