Tutorial Transcript

Hello friends! My name is Anthony and welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the top 10 most common tourist vocabulary. Let’s start! And first word… билет (bilet) “ticket” Ticket, this is a document that affects the right to use something for a fee. Два билета, пожалуйста. (Dva bileta, pazhalusta.) “Two tickets, please.” Next word… турист (turist) “tourist” Tourist, this is a person who engage surprisingly in tourism. В этом году страну посетило много туристов. (V etam gadu stranu pasetila mnoga turistaf.) “A lot of tourists visited the country this year.” Next word… путеводитель (putevaditel') “guidebook” Guidebook, a printed electronic or other visual records about some city. Перед поездкой в какую-нибудь страну я всегда покупаю путеводитель. (Peret payestkay f kakuyu-nibut' stranu ya fsegda pakupayu putevaditel'.) “I always buy a guidebook before travelling to a country.” Next word… экскурсионный автобус (ekskursionnyy aftobus) “tour bus” Tour bus is a type of bus designed to carry passengers for a sightseeing. Экскурсионный автобус отправляется с Ленинградского вокзала. (Ekskursionnyy aftobus atpravlyaetsa s Leningratskava vakzala.) “The tour bus will depart from Leningradsky station.” Next word… храм (khram) “temple” Temple is a core construction in the community and people with a God. Этот храм был восстановлен после пожара. (Etat khram byl vasstanovlen posle pazhara.) “This temple was restored after a fire.” Next word… мечеть (mechet') “mosque” Mosque, this is a prayer house for Muslims. Московская соборная мечеть - одна из крупнейших в Европе. (Maskofskaya sabornaya mechet' - adna is krupneyshykh v Yevrope.) “Moscow Cathedral Mosque is one of the biggest in Europe.” Next word… церковь (tserkaf') “church” Church and temple are synonyms. For example, a Christian temple is called a church so the church is the Christian community as a whole and a form of organization of believing Christians. В каждом, даже самом маленьком, городе России есть церковь. (F kazhdam, dazhe samam malen'kam, gorade Rasii est' tserkaf'.) “Each and every town of Russia, even the smallest, has a church.” Next word… водопад (vadapat) “waterfall” The waterfall is the swiftly falling stream of water. Водопаду Кивач посвящали стихотворения известные русские поэты. (Vadapadu Kivach pasvyashchali stikhatvareniya izvesnyye ruskiye paety.) “Famous Russian poets dedicated poems to the Kivach waterfall.” Next word… дворец (dvarets) “palace” Palace is a large public building usually distinguished by its architecture. Этот дворец служил резиденцией для императорской семьи более 300 лет. (Etat dvarets sluzhyl rezidentsyyey dlya imperatarskay sem'i boleye tryokhsot let.) “The palace served as a residence for the royal family for over 300 years.” Next word… гид (git) “guide” Guide is one that accompanies tourists or sightseers and explaining what they see. Гид рассказал много интересного об истории города. (Git raskazal mnoga interesnava ab istorii gorada.) “The guide told us many interesting things about the history of the city.” And for today, it’s all. Thank you so much for watching. Today, we have talked about the top 10 most common tourist vocabulary. What kind of tourist words do you know? Write the answers in the comments and don’t forget to check out RussianPod101.com to learn more Russian. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!). Bye-bye.