Tutorial Transcript

Hello again everyone, did you watch my first lesson? It's me again Katyusha. Today I am going to teach you how to speak Russian again. That's great, I am very excited because I don't know the theme again. So we are going to figure out together, here we go… "Computer words." Our century, finally we can learn some computer words, let's go, check it out. This is very important word... клавиатура (klaviatura) - "the keyboard" Я не могу работать без моей клавиатуры. (Ya ne magu rabotat' bez mayey klaviatury.) "I cannot work without my keyboard". Где моя клавиатура? (Gde maya klaviatura?) "Where is my keyboard?" Кто украл мою клавиатуру? (Kto ukral mayu klaviaturu?) "Who took my keyboard?" I am going to find you but right now we are going to look for another word, I am busy here. Okay, микрофон (mikrafon). Its "microphone". Microphone... Отдай мне мой микрофон! (Adday mne moy mikrafon!) "Give me my microphone". The next word is funny one right. I mean everyone says it's a computer word but we could also talk about the zoo or animals or something like that. So.. мышка (myshka) - "mouse". мышка (myshka) is very cute word maybe because it looks like мышка (myshka) and maybe it's not funny but in Russian language, the armpit is подмышка (padmyshka). Using your armpits for monitor is not very fun. So be careful! Используйте мышку! (Ispol'zuyte myshku!) "Use your mouse." The next word is... наушники (naushniki) - "headphones", yeah. Unfortunately, in Russian, it doesn't sound like head – there is no connection with head and phone like it's just really random word and it sounds like... наушники (naushniki). If I translate it like word to word, it means "on-your-ears". "Headphones" - наушники (naushniki). "I can't live without my headphones" Не могу жить без наушников. Не могу. (Ne magu zhit' bez naushnikaf. Ne magu.) ноутбук (noutbuk) Oh my god, was it Russian or English? ноутбук (noutbuk) I don't have to teach you anything. Look, Russian is so easy. "Laptop" and notebook is a Russian version but of course it sounds very English. Мой ноутбук поломался. (Moy noutbuk palamalsya.) "My notebook is broken." Okay, but I hope you won't use it much. I hope your notebook will live a long life. Let's keep moving. Oh no!!! We are done again. See you later at the next lesson, bye.