Tutorial Transcript

Hi there and welcome to Russian weekly words. With me again Katyusha and let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to be talking about today because just like you, I have no idea. So, let’s have a look and today is... hmm... it’s very common topic. So it’s... погода (pagoda) - “weather”. Umm I wonder what kind of weather we are going to have today. Дождь (dozhd`) - “rain”. So.... “It’s raining." Дождливо. (dazhdliva). “Tomorrow, it’s going to be raining.” Завтра будет дождливо. Zaftra budet dazhdliva. Good luck with [ж]..is a [b] but instead of [з] you just say [ж] yeah like that. Облачный (oblachnayy) - “cloudy”. Облако (oblaka) is a "cloud". “Today it is cloudy.” Сегодня облачно. Sevodnya oblachna. And we are moving to... снег (snek) - “snow”. “Snowy” Идет снег. Idyot snek. “In January, it snows a lot.” В январе часто идёт снег. V yanvare chasta idyot snek. “I want it to snow.” Я хочу, чтобы пошёл снег. Ya khachu, shtoby pashol snek. Or any other months of the year, you can put you just learned in the previous session. So you can mix them together and you can already have a conversation, oh my god! So next word is...солнечный (solnechnyy) - “sunny”. “I always wanted it to be sunny.” Я всегда хочу, чтобы было солнечно. Ya fsekda khachu, shtoby byla solnechna. Okay next word, I hope it’s not stormy. Ясное небо (yasnaye neba) - “clear sky”. “Clear” is ясное (yasnaye), “sky” is небо (neba). "It’s a clear sky today.” Сегодня ясное небо. Sevodnya yasnaye neba. Well, usually we don’t say it because it sounds ridiculous. I mean you just don’t go out and say.... Oh my god! Сегодня ясное небо. Sevodnya yasnaye neba. You just say “it’s sunny”, “it’s such a nice weather”, right? Солнечно (solnechna)! Feel so good and positive. Well, but it’s good to know. Ясно (yasna) can also be something clear right in English. So when somebody asks you a question, you can say: ясно (yasna). It’s like “oh okay, got it!”. So we are done with the weather for today and please play it again and again so maybe you can remember or hear it better or maybe understand better. Next time when you sit next to the Russian and they discuss the weather in a smart way, you can understand a little bit. So, yeah, good luck and see you next time in the next Russian weekly words, bye.