Tutorial Transcript

Привет (Privet)! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words. Katyusha. Now we're gonna find out some random Russian words, I actually have no idea which one, so we will check it together! We got our topic now. The topic is gonna be drinks. Напитки (Napitki), “drinks”. Now let's see what kinda words we're going to be talking about. So the first word is… газированная вода (gazirovanaya vada) "soda" газ(gas) is “gas” in Russian. Anyway, the gaz is gas water, газированная вода (gazirovanaya vada) "Can I have a soda, please?” Можно мне газированную воду? (Mozhna mne gazirovanuyu vodu?) Actually it's too long you don't say, you say Газировка (Gazirofka). Like, usually kids would say Газировка (Gazirofka). "Can I have soda?" Можно мне газировку? (Mozhna mne gazirofku?) кофе (kofe) "coffee" In English it's coffee, but in Russian it's кофе (kofe). So, ”I would love a cup of coffee." Я бы хотела чашечку кофе. (Ya by khatela chashechku kofe.) молоко (malako) "milk" "I drink milk every morning." Я пью молоко каждое утро. (Ya p'yu malako kazhdae utra.) Liar! пиво (piva) "beer" "It's so hot! I would love a glass of beer." Так жарко! Я бы хотел стакан пива. (Tak zharka! Ya by khatel stakan piva.) A glass of beer, стакан пива (stakan piva). And now, oh, the next drink is… I wonder if it’s gonna be vodka. No. фруктовый сок (fruktovyy sok) "fruit juice" Fruit juice? Who drinks fruit juice in Russia? фруктовый (fruktovyy) is of course “fruit”, and “juice" is сок (sok). "Kids drink fruit juice near the pool." Дети пьют фруктовый сок у бассейна. (Deti p'yut fruktovyy sok u baseyna.) Yes, this is the end! To vodka and soda and coffee and coke. so we're moving to the next topic, so watch me later. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)