Tutorial Transcript

Привет всем! Hi everyone and welcome to Russian weekly words with me, Katyusha. Nice to meet you if you are watching me for the first time and I should tell you that I have no idea what kind of words we are going to be checking out today. So I am going to check it out now and follow my finger….Today`s topic... is going to be "in the classroom". "In the classroom". If you say it in Russian, it’s going to be... в классе - (f klasse) Ластик (lastik) - “Eraser”. Well you can also say резинка - (rezinka). Both of them are erasers. So, you can choose which one you prefer and which one feels better in your mouth to say. The example is going to be... “Can you give me eraser?” Дай мне, пожалуйста, ластик. Дай мне, пожалуйста резинку. Day mne pazhaluysta lastik. Day mne pazhaluysta rezinku. Домашняя работа (damashnyya rabota) - “homework”. Oh my god! We hate homework! Домашняя работа (damashnyya rabota) Я забыла про домашнюю работу. Ya zabyla pra damashnuyu rabotu. “I forgot about homework”. It happens because we really want to forget about it. Oh, I had the fever or usually my excuse was like I had the dancing classes. So I just skipped to dance class and I will skip the lesson completely so I don’t have any homework. Of course it didn’t work out because even if you skip your lesson, you still have to do your homework but anyway I wasn’t very good student in the class. So you must be so happy. I am teaching you some Russian words, right? Доска (doska) - “blackboard”. Yeah it’s kind of annoying when you didn’t do your homework and the teacher asks you to come to blackboard and write something on it that you simply didn’t remember or you forgot to do. “Katyusha, come to the black board.” Катюша, подойди к доске. Katusha, padaydi k daske. I hope your name is not Katyusha. Okay, the next word is...учебник (uchebnik) - “textbook”, учебник - (uchebnik). Do you wrap your textbooks because I remember we didn’t have like proper covers for textbooks in the Soviet Union times. So we were using newspaper or other wrapping paper to wrap our textbooks nicely. Заверните ваш учебник. Zavernite vash uchebnik. “Wrap your textbook.” “Don’t use toilet paper to wrap your textbooks” Не используйте туалетную бумагу, чтобы завернуть ваш учебник. Ne ispol'zuyte tualetnuyu bumagu, shtoby zavernut' vash uchebnik.] What a ridiculous example! Викторина (viktarina) - “quiz”. Did you take any quiz in the classroom, that sounds fun. I didn’t have this opportunity but I will try to make an example. “Be ready for tomorrow because we will have a quiz.” Будьте готовы на завтра к тому, что у нас будет викторина. Bud'te gatovy na zaftra k tamu, shto u nas budet viktarina. My god, I hope you don’t have many quizzes. Follow me for the next session and I hope we can learn some nice Russian words together. Talk to you later, Bye, bye! Пока-пока! Paka-paka! We were supposed to have like notebook to make like a red line on the edge of it and right only in the middle of this notebook. I guess it’s too much information.