Tutorial Transcript

Hey hi let me in. Let's learn some Russian. Привет всем! (Privet fsem). Hello everyone and welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Today, we are going to enjoy some other words that I have no idea about as I keep saying every time. It's going to be... слова направления - (slava napravleniya) - "direction words". If you are lost, it's going to be so helpful beg somebody to show you which way to go. It could be not always nice answer to hear in Russia but you can always try. налево (naleva), I mean for you it's probably, this is direction but "on the left". Чтобы дойти до аптеки, нужно повернуть налево. (Shtoby dayti da apteki, nuzhna pavernut' naleva.) "To get to the drugstore, you need to turn left." Ah, one more important thing you should know. If somebody is cheating, you know we can say he or she is going on the left. прававо (napravo) - "Right", right. It's more like "on the right". If you just want to say "left" and "right" - лево и право (leva i prava). Чтобы дойти до супермаркета, поверните направо. (Shtoby dayti da supermarketa, pavernite naprava.) "To find supermarket, turn on the right." восток (vastok) - "east". Yeah if you are sometimes ask what direction you should go and people tell you to go on the east, I am not sure it's very helpful right but I guess if you read stars, you can also figure out. Всегда мечтал поехать на Восток. (Fsegda mechtal payekhat' na vastok.) "I always dreamed to go to the east." запад (zapat). Opposite from east of course, "west". Ковбои живут на Западе. (Kavboi zhyvut na Zapade.) "Cowboys live on the west". The third direction is...юг (yuk) - "South". Испания находится на юге. (Ispaniya nakhoditsa na yuge.) "Spain is in the south." This is the end. I hope we could remember few things. I hope you don't get lost and stay with me and follow us on the Russian weekly words. Пока-пока (paka-paka)