Tutorial Transcript

So crazy, it’s just me! Katyusha. Привет всем! Hello everyone and it’s me Katyusha with you and Russian weekly words. Let’s have a look at today’s topic. Hopefully I can help you. Let’s have a look and today’s topic as always is very exciting. Мебель (mebel`) - “Furniture”! I love to move furniture. That’s what I did when I was bored. It brings kind of fresh energy you know. How can you live without furniture. Right now, I am sitting on this.. стул (stul) - “chair”. Я сижу на стуле. (Ya sizhu na stule.) “I am sitting on the chair.” Now you try... стул (stul) right. Okay next word is... кровать (kravat`). Maybe you are sitting on the bed - кровать (kravat`). Я не хочу вставать с кровати. (Ya ne khachu fstavat's kravati.) “I don’t want to get out of the bed.” Я не хочу (Ya ne khachu). кровать (kravat`)... nice, soft, warm bed and I am sitting on the chair. Next word is... книжная полка (knizhnaya polka) - “bookshelf”. Have you ever tried sleeping in the bookshelf? I am sure the answer is no. У меня нет книжных полок. (U menya net knizhnykh polok.) “I don’t have any bookshelves” It’s because I am usually storing books and magazines on the floor. Книжная полка (knizhnaya polka). Полка (polka) sounds like a polish dance полька (pol`ka). Okay, next word is... диван (divan) - “sofa” диван (divan) Пожалуйста, присаживайтесь на диван. (Pazhalusta, prisazhivaytes' na divan.) “Please have a seat on the sofa. Oh, I am such a nice host here. комод (kamod) - “dresser”, комод (kamod) which is not very popular. It’s more like grandmas are saying or like heavy French antique stuff, I don’t know. Russian image..комод (kamod) is something like that comes from your grandmother, your family kept probably dark wood or like placard and like something really *bang* heavy. When you have Ikea and комод (kamod) you are thinking maybe I go for Ikea you know. Я бы хотела продать свой комод. (Ya by khatela pradat' svoy kamod.) “I would like to sell my dresser” ...or Я бы хотела переделать свой комод. (Ya by khatela peredelat' svoy kamod.) “I would like to redo my dresser”. It could be also exciting, make it pink and the next word is, the end. Unfortunately I have to say [Пока-пока - Paka-paka] to you but I hope I will see you next time with me in Russian weekly words, bye bye.