Tutorial Transcript

Hey guys, hello everyone and let's start next session now, Russian weekly words and me, Katyusha. Where is my magic screen and its... "solar system" - солнечная система (solnechnaya sistema) First word is... Земля (zemlya). It's our globe right? This earth, it's where we live, walk on, run and all the kind of things we do on earth. Земля (zemlya). Мы живём на Земле. (My zhivom na Zemle.) "We live on earth." Wow it's kind of – I feel so tiny right now when we talk about this topic like an ant, you know tiny, tiny ant. Maybe to the "moon" - Луна (luna). It's a nice word, now in Russian Луна (luna) very, like, Луна (luna), so romantic. Я вижу Луну. (Ya vizhu Lunu.) "I can see the moon" through the clouds. Maybe, I am becoming a poet. Next word... Марс (mars) - "Mars", very firefighting kind of feeling brings to the conversation. "I want to watch a movie about Mars". Я хочу посмотреть фильм про Марс. (Ya khachu pasmatret' fil'm pra Mars.) "I wonder there is a life on mars." Интересно, есть ли жизнь на Марсе? (Interesna, yest' li zhizn' na Marse?) Сатурн (saturn) - "Saturn". "The Saturn is a 6th planet that's far from the sun." Сатурн - шестая планета вдалеке от Солнца. (Saturn - shestaya planeta vdaleke at Sontsa.) I wonder if you can repeat the sentence after me in the Russian. Again.. Сатурн - шестая планета вдалеке от Солнца. (Saturn - shestaya planeta vdaleke at Sontsa.) And it's not the sun, it's... комета (kameta) - "comet" . "Oh I can see the comet flying." Я вижу комета летит. (Ya vizhu kameta letit.) Yeah sometimes we can see like on the sky right. There is something moving like in the space. Did you watch this movie, it was recently, Gravity. Yeah did you watch the Gravity? Wow, it was amazing, oh my god. And I felt sometimes old movie, you know. Oh my god! Is that it? So it was nice talking to you and I hope to see you next time with the Russian weekly words and me Katyusha. Talk to you later. Пока-пока (paka-paka) ..and I am stuck, yes.