Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone! Привет and welcome to Russian weekly words and my name is Katyusha. We are going to start today with a new topic which is going to be... "in your wallet" Что у тебя в кошельке? (Shto u tebya f kashel`ke?) "What's in your wallet?" If you are a businessman or businesswoman, you probably have a... визитная карточка (vizitnaya kartachka) "business card" визитная карточка (vizitnaya kartachka) It's strange it kind of sounds like visiting, right? Like if you want to visit me, you have to use визитная карточка (vizitnaya kartachka) I guess. "Give me your business card." Дайте мне свою визитную карточку. (Dayte mne svayu vizitnuyu kartachku.) Oh my god, it sounds so long. Next word is very useful. I am sure most of you had it in your wallet. So it's... кредитная карточка (kreditnaya kartachka) - it's a "credit card" of course. "I am going to go shopping and use my credit card". Сегодня я пойду по магазинам и использую кредитную карточку. (Sevodnya ya paydu pa magazinam i ispol'zuyu kreditnuyu kartachku.) "Where is my credit card?" Где моя кредитка? (Gde maya kreditka?) Next word is... купон (kupon) which is "coupon", right. So I don't have many in my wallet. To be honest, I have none but if you want to have like some kind of discount in the restaurant or café, you can always use coupon. "Can I use my coupon?" Можно я использую купон? (Mozhna ya ispol'zuyu kupon?). Next word is...наличные деньги (nalichnyye den'gi) and in English, it's just "cash". Наличные деньги (nalichnyye den'gi) Деньги (den`gi) is "money" but to be honest, we usually say наличка (nalichka) to make it shorter. Я плачу наличкой. (Ya plachu nalichkay.) "I pay cash". We can just put it in the pocket. Next one is...читательский билет (chitatel'skiy bilet). How many of you in your wallet have a "library card". Sorry, I am laughing. Maybe you do have it. Of course, if you go to library, you need a читательский билет (chitatel'skiy bilet) to read. Читать (chitat`) is "read". Сегодня я иду в библиотеку и мне нужен читательский билет. (Sevodnya ya idu v biblioteku i mne nuzhen chitatel'skiy bilet.) "Tomorrow I am going to library. So I need my library card." Also I just find out that this is the end of our word session for today but I am sure some of you have also one thing in your wallet which could be useful. Okay so it was nice talking to you and I hope to see you in our next Russian weekly words session with me! Пока-пока (paka-paka)!Bye!