Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone and it’s me Katyusha. Today you are watching us on Russian weekly words. Welcome, if you are watching it for the first time, I have no idea about what it is. We are going to find out together right now. Oh, the topic is where I am now... комната (komnata) - “room”. Ванная (vannaya) is very useful because it’s a "bathroom". Ванна (vanna) is a place where you actually take a bath. In Russia for example, the bathroom can be only for the bath and the toilet is only for the toilet. It can be separated yeah because it was built in Soviet Union times, it’s like together or not, we can still call it ванная (vannaya). Я иду в ванную. (Ya idu v vannuyu.) “I go to the bathroom”. And the next room we have is... гостиная (gastinaya) - “living room”. гостиная (gastinaya) is coming…. it has a meaning like it's connected with guests. Living because you are living there but in Russia, it’s more like you invite friends and guests into that room. Приходите ко мне в гости в гостиную. (Prikhadite ka mne v gosti v gastinuyu.) “Come to my place to the living room.” So the next word is...кухня (kukhnya) - “kitchen”. Kitchen - Кухня (kukhnya) is very useful place. Я занимаюсь йогой у себя на кухне. Ya zanimayus' yogay u sebya na kukhne. “I do yoga in my kitchen.” Next word is спальня (spal`nya). Спальня (spal`nya) is “bedroom”. “To sleep” in Russian is спать (spat`). Не заходи ко мне в спальню. Ne zakhadi ka mne f spal'nyu. “Don’t enter my bedroom” спальня (spal`nya) Ah...It`s столовая (stalovaya) - "dining room" Столовая (stalovaya) is called because we have стол (stol) and стол (stol) is a “table” like more like dining table in Russian. Я люблю смотреть телевизор в столовой. Ya lyublyu smatret' televizar f stalovay. “I like watching TV in my dining room”. Too many rooms, I am getting confused and this is end of the room. Nice and I hope I was useful for you today. So I will see you some other time in my other lesson, bye.