Tutorial Transcript

Привет. Как дела? (Privet. Kak dela?). Welcome to Russian weekly words, my name is Katyusha. Today we need to find out what kind of topic we are going to be talking about. So let’s have a look. My great iPad tells me that the topic today is.. “Continents” - континенты (kantinenty). Люди живут на разных континентах. - (Lyudi zhyvut na raznykh kantinentakh.) “People live on different continents.” Азия (Asiya) - “Asia”. Я бы хотела работать в Азии. (Ya by khatela rabotat' v Azii.) “I would love to work in Asia”. Африка (Afrika) - “Africa”. Поехали в Африку посмотреть на диких животных? (Payekhali v Afriku pasmatret' na dikikh zhivotnykh?) “Let’s go to Africa to see some wild animals”. Европа (Evropa) - “Europe”. Я часто езжу в Европу по бизнесу. (Ya chasta yezzhu v Yevropu pa biznesu.) “I often go to Europe on my business trip.” Северная Америка (Severnaya Amerika) “North America” Мой друг ездил в Северную Америку в прошлом году. (Moy drug yezdil v Severnuyu Ameriku v proshlam gadu.) “My friend went to North America last year”. Ближний и Средний Восток (Blizhniy i Sredniy Vastok). In English it’s “the Middle east”, in Russian, it’s more like the closest middle east. That’s how it sounds in Russian if I say literally. Я никогда не была на Ближнем и Среднем Востоке. (Ya nikagda ne byla na Blizhnem i Srednem Vastoke.) “I have never been to the Middle East.” Yes let’s go there. Now, the next word is.... the end. Have you ever been to the "end"? I have never heard about this continent before. Oh it’s the end. Now we are going to deal with it and we are going to meet you again next time for some other Russian weekly words sessions. Пока - пока (paka-paka).