Tutorial Transcript

Remember me, I am Katyusha from Russian weekly words and hello again to you. I miss you, so let’s have a look what today’s theme is going to be about. Ta da! Something you will really enjoy in summer. Фрукты (fukty) - “fruits”. Я обожаю фрукты. (Ya abazhayu frukty) "I love fruits”. Апельсин (apel`sin). You are never going to guess what it is in English, can you? Well, it’s “orange”. Я бы хотела съесть апельсин на утро. - (Ya by khatela s`yest' apel'sin na utra.) “I would love to have orange this morning” Juicy, juicy orange! Oh my god! I am getting hungry. Арбуз (arbuz) - it's “watermelon”. I know it’s very juicy and it's perfect for summer. Мои дети обожают арбуз. (Mai deti abazhayut arbus.) “My children love watermelon”. Банан (banan) “banana”. Обезьяны на пальмах едят бананы. (Abez'yany na pal'makh yedyat banany.) “Monkeys on the trees eat bananas”. Я добавляю банан в йогурт. (Ya dabavlyayu banan v yogurt.) “I add [банан - banan] to yogurt”. Not banana just банан (banan). Okay next word is….In June it’s very popular I think. So it’s вишня (vishnya) - it’s cherry. Cherry, I used to climb cherry trees when I was a kid, eat dirty cherries. “I need a cherry juice right now” Мне нужен вишневый сок прямо сейчас. Mne nuzhen vishnevyy sok pryama sechas. Okay? Anyone bringing me cherry juice? No! I knew it! Клубника (klubnika) - “strawberry”. “Ah, waiter, can I have a strawberry with champagne please?” Можно мне клубнику с шампанским, пожалуйста? Mozhna mne klubniku s shampanskim, pazhalusta?]. I love strawberry too. The end. Unbelievable! So we are done with fruits for today - фрукты (fukty). So I hope next time we can talk about some vegetables as well, okay so see you some other time. It was nice talking to you, bye.