Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Katya or you can call me Katyusha. Yeah, I prefer the second one. Today we are going to talk about some kind of topic. I have no idea which one and it's going to be... "life actions". "Life" in Russian is жизнь (zhyzn`), "action" is действие (deystviye ). So let's have a look. The first action is going to be... wow, it's рожденный (razhdyonnyy) - "to be born". We are all being born to this world and welcome, congratulations, you did well. I am happy you are here with me and I am here with you. So... Я родилась в январе. (Ya radilas' v yanvare.) "I was born in January". Когда ты родился? (Kagda ty radilsya?) "When were you born?" обручиться (abruchitsa) - "engage", Oh my god, what an action! "Are you guys engaged?" Вы обручены? (Vy abrucheny?). "I am engaged with my boyfriend." Я обручена с моим парнем. (Ya abruchena s maim parnem.) I am so excited!! Well, I guess this is going well for you. So the next word is – next stop, it's... жениться (zhenitsa) - "marry, get married". "Are you married?" Вы женаты? (Vy zhenaty?) "You" in Russian can be some kind of polite "you" or just like friendly "you", right? "You" polite can be...вы (vy) and "you" friendly is...ты (ty). Next one. We are getting further in our life and maybe you can guess, it's going to be.. выйти на пенсию (vyyti na pensiyu) - "retirement". "One day I will retire." Когда-нибудь я выйду на пенсию. (Kagda-nibut' ya vyydu na pensiyu.) Maybe.. Oh my god. It's... умереть (umeret') - "to die". "I don't want to die." Я не хочу умирать. (Ya ne khachu umirat'.) Maybe your plant died or something. So, you can say.. Моё растение умерло. (Mayo rasteniye umerla.) "My plant died." Maybe it is too hot or too cold, I never know. Too much information. The end. Okay guys, I hope I see you next time with our next Russian weekly words lesson and see you later. Bye.