Tutorial Transcript

Hello again and welcome to Russian weekly words and my name is Katyusha. Let's check out what kind of words and what kind of theme we are going to have today because I have no clue. So, the theme is.... "bugs and insects". "Bugs" in Russian are жучки (zhuchki) to be short, it is жуки (zhuki). And "insects" in Russian are насекомые (nasekomyye) The first one is very cute one. божья коровка (bozh'ya karofka) - "ladybug" Oh, it's such a cute one! If you translate it in Russian, it's really funny translation because it goes like "the cow from God". No idea, I prefer English version. Божья коровка летает вокруг меня. (Bozh'ya karofka letayet vakrug menya.) "Ladybug is flying around me". I hope that the next one will be butterfly. No, its... комар (kamar) - "mosquito" комары (kamary) - "mosquitoes" Комары преследуют меня везде. (Kamary presleduyut menya vezde.) "Mosquitoes are following me everywhere" Especially in summer if you are next to the river or in the water. Oh no, комары (kamary). Oh, the next one is a cutie but very strong one, it's муравей (muravey) - "ant". Муравей ползает по столу. (Muravey polzayet pa stalu.) "The ant is crawling around the table." ...following the same path to get to your sugar or some kind of sweets, it's crazy. It can be everywhere so please hide your sweets. Don't put it anywhere in summer. Next one is...паук (pauk). Many people are scared of паук (pauk) - "spider". Usually it's not dangerous. It's just there jumping and crawling around things. So, please, don't kill паук (pauk), okay? Don't kill spiders. Пожалуйста, не убивайте пауков. (Pazhalusta, ne ubivayte paukof.) "Please don't kill spiders" Just throw it away. Oh my god, if it is this one, don't throw it away. Just go for it... таракан (tarakan) - "cockroach". Таракан (tarakan). Sounds very funny like you are playing some musical instrument [таракан - tarakan] - "cockroach". "I hate cockroaches" Ненавижу тараканов. (Nenavizhu tarakanaf.) Well it seems like we are done with bugs and insects over now. So we are moving to the next topic next time. So, see you in the next lesson, bye.