Tutorial Transcript

Are you ready everyone? This is Katyusha with Russian weekly words and let’s figure out what are the next words we are going to learn today and go... "Colors". I love this theme, very nice theme. “Colors” in the Russian is цвета (tsveta). Be careful because “flowers” in Russian is цветы (tsvety), but colors is цвета (tsveta). So the first color is белый (belyy). I don’t have it right now but maybe you do. Белый (belyy) - “white”. We can see in many, many places around us. Мой холодильник белый. Moy khaladil'nik belyy. “My fridge is white.” Here we go, next color - зелёный (zelyonyy) - “green”. When you go to the nature, everything is green, right? Лес такой зеленый! Les takoy zelenyy! “The forest is so green.” In Russian, it sounds very strange. "Red" - красный (krasnyy). Красный- это мой любимый цвет. Krasnyy - eta moy lyubimyy tsvet. “Red is my favorite color.” As you can see some red boots, red socks, red hat. Uh! The color that suits everyone! Черный (chernyy) - “black”. Men in black. Черный (chernyy) So if you want to look cool, you can always wear black. Я люблю одеваться в черное. Ya lyublyu adevatsya f chernaye. “I like to wear black”. Oh that’s cute one. The favorite girl’s color. розовый (rozavyy) - “pink”, pink... “We all see the world with pink glasses” Мы смотрим на мир в розовых очках. My smotrim na mir v rozavykh achkakh. It means we want to be optimistic. So pink, pink is a good color but don’t overdo it I guess. The end, oh no, well I hope you mix your colors - цвета (tsveta) very well and you look great. Just choose your own style and go with it and I will see you next time in my lessons! Okay. See you, bye!