Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. I hope we can remember some nice Russian words today that can be helpful for you in your future or your life. Let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to have today and it’s going to be.... ... exciting one! “At the office”. “Are you at the office right now?” Вы сейчас в офисе? (Vy sechas v ofise?) “Office” - офис. коллега (kalega) - “co-worker” As in English it can be female or male. So anyone. У меня в офисе тридцать коллег. (U menya v ofise trittsat' kalleg.) “I have 30 co-workers in my office.” The next word is... рабочий стол (rabochiy stol) - “desk”. "Desk" is рабочий стол (rabochiy stol). Well if you literally translate it... рабочий (rabochiy) is “working” and стол (stol) is “table” or “desk”. So, it’s "working desk" - рабочий стол (rabochiy stol). Боже, какой у меня кошмар на рабочем столе! (Bozhe, kakoy u menya kashmar na rabochem stale!) “ What a mess on my desk! Oh my God!”. Now next word is... телефон (telefon) - “telephone” or “phone”. Телефон. You don’t even need to translate it! Телефон. Где твой телефон? (Gde tvoy telefon?) “Where is your phone, where is your telephone?”. Дай мне свой телефон. (Day mne svoy telefon.) “Give me your phone.” Not this one but actually phone number. “Give me your phone number.” Дай мне свой телефон. (Day mne svoy telefon.) Like all these digits, number digits so you can say it’s telephone. So next one is... факс (faks). Its "fax". Факс. Yes, same, easy to remember. You don’t really have to bother remembering. Very easy, it is just the pronunciation a little bit like from maybe you say fax in English and факс in Russian... like really [а] very strong one, don’t forget to emphasize. “I want to send fax to you.” Я хочу послать тебе факс. (Ya khachu paslat' tebe faks.) Yeah, great! Next word is... документ (dakument) - “document”. Kind of easy, right? Документ - "document". Instead of [o] we more say like [a] in Russian. So, документ (dakument)! Куда я положила этот документ? (Kuda ya palazhyla etat dakument?) “Where did I put this document?” Did you see? No... because it’s the end and I hope we meet you for our next sessions of Russian weekly words and I hope it was helpful for you to remember few nice words that are not similar to English and hope to see you next time! Пока-пока (paka-paka)! Listen to your boss. Next word is boss!