Tutorial Transcript

Hi there, welcome to Russian weekly words and you are with me Katyusha. I am going to teach you some Russian words but I don't know which one yet. So we can check it out together. "Home electronics" Электроприборы (elektrapribory) And the first word is... духовка (dukhofka) - "oven". Я не могу готовить без духовки. (Ya ne magu gatovit' bes dukhofki.) "I cannot cook without oven." Wow, it sounds long in Russian. Посудомоечная машина (pasudamoyechnaya mashyna) - "dishwasher". "Dish" in Russian is посуда (pasuda), "washer" is моечная (moyechnaya). But because washer is a noun, we have to make noun in Russian too, so we use... машина (mashyna) which means like "machine". It makes like three words in two. Посудомоечная машина (pasudamoyechnaya mashyna) Something that washes the dishes. Моя мама мечтает о посудомоечной машине. (Maya mama mechtayet a pasudamoyechnay mashine.) "My mom is dreaming about having a dishwasher." We've not used to a dishwasher, so it's actually true. My mom is dreaming about it right now. пылесос (pylesos) - "vacuum cleaner". In Russian, literally it's "sucking the dust". Я использую пылесос три раза в неделю. (Ya ispol'zuyu pylesos tri raza v nedelyu.) "I use vacuum cleaner three times a week." Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. холодильник (khaladil'nik) -"refrigerator". Actually "cold" in Russian is..холод - (kholat). Пожалуйста, положи яйца в холодильник. (Pazhalusta, palazhy yaytsa f khaladil'nik.) "Please put eggs into the refrigerator". стиральная машина (stiral'naya mashina) - "washing machine". So, it`s the same principle as with "dishwasher", we have an adjective ...стиральная (stiral'naya) which means "washing" and машина (mashyna) - "machine". Я купила стиральную машину пять лет назад. (Ya kupila stiral'nuyu mashinu pyat' let nazat.) "I got my washing machine 5 years ago." Oh... It says "the end". Something happened to my iPad. Where is the other electronics? Well I guess we will talk about something else next time, see you later! Пока-пока (paka-paka)!