Tutorial Transcript

Привет! (Privet!) Hello, and welcome to Russian weekly words. Today we're going to be talking about the topic… I don't know which one, so you have to check it out with me. At the aquarium! В аквариуме (V akvariume). Have you actually been inside the aquarium, like the real aquarium tank? I would love to swim in one you can, like, feed; actually you don't have to go inside an aquarium to feed fishes. Stupid idea. The first word is акула (akula) "shark" "Have you ever seen a shark?" Вы когда-нибудь видели акул? (Vy kogda-nibud' videli akul?) кальмар (kal'mar) "squid" "I can 't eat squid." Я не могу есть кальмаров. (YA ne mogu yest' kal'maraf) кит (kit) "whale" "Once in my life time, I would love to see a whale with my own eyes." Раз в жизни я бы хотела увидеть кита своими собственными глазами. (Raz v zhizni ya by khotela uvidet' kita svoimi sobstvennymi glazami.) That was a long sentence, sorry guys! I made you work and remember these horrible Russian things. медуза (meduza) "jellyfish" "I got a poisonous burn from jellyfish." У меня ядовитый ожог от медузы. (U menya yadovityy ozhog ot meduzy.) Sounds nasty! осьминог (os'minog) "octopus" "Have you watched this cool animation about an octopus?" Вы смотрели этот классный мультик про осьминога? (Vy smotreli etot klassnyy mul'tik pro os'minoga?) конец! (konets!) Again, it’s the end, but but but but but but I hope I'll see you some other time with me and Russian weekly words. Talk to you later! Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)