Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to Russian weekly words with me, Katyusha. Today we’re going to be talking about something, I don't know about what. It’s very useful topic, Currency exchange! Обмен валют (Obmen valyut) So обмен (obmen) is “exchange”, and ”currency” is валют (valut). "Could you tell me where is the currency exchange?" Не подскажите, где здесь обмен валют? (Ne podskazhite, gde zdes' obmen valyut?) Английский фунт (Angliyskiy funt) "British Pound" “British” in Russian is английский (Angliyskiy), and фунт (funt) is “pound”. "This T-shirt is 20 British pounds." Эта футболка стоит 20 английских фунтов. (Eta futbolka stoit 20 angliyskikh funtov.) Expensive stuff! банк (bank) "bank" Well, same word, the letters in Russian of course look different from English. "I need to go to the bank." Мне нужно сходить в банк. (Mne nuzhno skhodit' v bank.) Американский доллар (Amerikanskiy dollar) "US dollar" “US” is американский (Amerikanskiy), and “dollar” is доллар (dollar). "I have only US dollars." У меня только американские доллары. (U menya tol'ko amerikanskiye dollary.) обменный курс (obmennyy kurs) "exchange rate" "What’s the exchange rate today?" Какой сегодня обменный курс? (Kakoy segodnya obmennyy kurs?) We're done with currencies! Hope it will be helpful, if you travel in one of the Russian-speaking countries, and now you know how to change your money. Good luck! Don't lose your money, and don’t lose your wallet. Bye bye!