Tutorial Transcript

Привет!!! Welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Today's topic is "crossing borders", crossing borders? Now if you want to escape to Russia, I guess you should know few words concerning this topic. гражданство (grazhdanstva) - "nationality" Какое у тебя гражданство? (Kakoye u tebya grazhdanstva?) "What's your nationality?". Угадай, какое у меня гражданство? (Ugaday, kakoye u menya grazhdanstva? "Guess my nationality". таможня (tamozhnya) - "customs" На таможне нужно показать свои чемоданы. (Na tamozhne nuzhna pakazat' svai chemadany.) "At the customs, you need to show your luggage." If you are a Japanese, British, or American or any other like lucky nationality, you might not need visa to lot of countries in the world, but if you are Russian or some other Ex-Soviet union countries, you have to have visa almost everywhere. Мне нужна виза в Америку. (Mne nuzhna viza v Ameriku.) "I need visa to go to US", that's obvious. водительские права (vaditel'skiye prava) Guess you are driving, you will need "driving license". Покажите свои водительские права. (Pakazhyte svai vaditel'skiye prava.) "Show me your driving license". пропуск (propusk) - "entry card" Чтобы сюда зайти, вам нужен пропуск. (Shtoby syuda zayti, vam nuzhen propusk.) "To enter this place, you need entry card." That's very obvious sentence because its entry card, you need to enter. пропуск (propusk) comes from пропускать - - "to let somebody through or let something through." Пропустите меня. (Prapustite menya) "Let me through!" Like you know like you are in a full bus or a tram or a trolleybus and you want to get out like it's full of people, and it`s like... Пропустите меня. (Prapustite menya) "Let me out". Well...конец (kanets), means "the end" and I hope we meet you some other time with the next lesson and see you later. Пока-пока (paka-paka)!