Tutorial Transcript

Привет! Hi everyone and welcome to Russian weekly words with me, Katyusha. So, I wonder what kind of topic we are going to be learning today. So let’s have a look... Овощи (ovashchi) - “vegetables”. You should eat healthy. So, the first word will be... картофель (kartofel`) - “potato”. So, you will be surprised but I think this word is coming from German language. картофель (kartofel`) “Would you like some potatoes?” Вы бы хотели картофель? Vy by khateli kartofel'? You cannot say like картофель (kartofel`) when you are like in the restaurant. Картофель (kartofel`) is just a vegetable. If you made it cooked or fried or something, you say картошка (kartoshka). It’s kind of funny. There was like a Russian animation with a red hair boy with all this freckles. He would also always sing a song saying: Антошка, Антошка, пошли копать картошку… Antoshka, Antoshka, pashli kapat' kartoshku… "Antoshka, Antoshka let’s go dig some potatoes” Sorry, it was just my memories of my childhood. So, the other vegetable is лук (luk) - “onion”. Я всегда плачу, когда режу лук. Ya fsegda plachu, kagda rezhu luk. “I always cry when I cut onion.” One trick I know like if you don’t want to cry when you cut onion, you have to put your knife under water and like keep doing it so the juice doesn’t kind of get into the air or something. I don’t know how it works but it seems to work. Next vegetable is... морковь (markof`) - “carrot”. “I used to love carrot juice when I was a kid.” Я любила морковный сок, когда я была маленькая. Ya lyubila markovnyy sok, kagda ya byla malen'kaya. Carrot juice... You might think oh my god, it must be disgusting. But it’s actually – it is really good. Okay next vegetable is чеснок (chesnok) - “garlic”. Umm when I was a kid, my grandma used to make toast of kind of dark bread and then you take the garlic and like scratch all over the bread and put some salt on top of it and it was really good but like a lot of garlic but it’s so good... anyway... "Garlic is good for health." Чеснок полезен для здоровья. Chesnok polezen dlya zdorov'ya. Okay next vegetable is шпинат (shpinat) - “spinach”. “Popeye always eats spinach.” Папай всегда ест шпинат. Papay vsegda yest shpinat. Right? If you watch animation, you know what I am talking about. The end! So I will see you next time with another session of Russian weekly words! Пока-пока. Paka-paka.