Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to Russian weekly words with me and my Russian accent Katyusha. Today, we are going to be talking about its mystery to me. So we have to check out together. "Geography" - География (geagrafiya) архипелаг (arkhipelak) - "archipelago". How come you don't know Russian? You could help you make a sentence. Now I am stuck, seriously. Япония - это архипелаг. (Yaponiya - eta arkhipelak.) "Japan is an archipelago". How did I say that word? гора (gara) - "mountain" "We go hiking to the mountains every month." Мы ходим в горы каждый месяц. (My khodim v gory kazhdyy mesyats.) лес (les) - "forest". "Let's have a barbeque in the forest" Пошли на шашлыки в лес. (Pashli na shashlyki v les.) пляж (plyazh) - "beach". "Pack your swimwear, let's go to the beach" Пакуй купальник. Поехали на пляж! (Pakuy kupal'nik. Payekhali na plyazh!) пустыня (pustynya) - "desert". Yes, sorry, it's not dessert, not sweet cake stock. I would like to have some desert in the dessert. No, "I would like to have some dessert in the desert." Я бы хотела съесть сладенького в пустыне. (Ya by khatela s`yest' sladen'kava f pustyne.) Wow, I can imagine this already. We are done for today but I hope I will see you next time with me Katyusha in the Russian weekly words! Пока-пока (paka-paka).