Tutorial Transcript

Hi there! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha. Now let's have a look with the topic we're going to be talking about today, I have no idea which words we will discuss and try to say in Russian, so aren't you excited? Let's check it out now! The topic is clothing accessories. Аксессуары для одежды (Aksesuary dlya adezhdy). Now, let's check out the first word. The first word is "umbrella”. So the first word is… зонтик (zontik) "umbrella” "I forgot my umbrella in the office." Я забыла свой зонтик в офисе. (Ya zabyla svoy zontik v ofise.) ожерелье (azherel'e) "necklace" Сегодня я без ожерелья. (Sevodnya ya bez azherel'ya.) "I don't have my necklace today." очки (achki) "glasses" "I would love to get new glasses to match my style." Я бы хотела приобрести новые очки под мой стиль. (Ya by khatela priabresti novye achki pad moy stil'.) перчатка (perchatka) “glove” So one is перчатка (perchatka), and two is перчатки (perchatki). "I need new gloves for autumn." Мне нужны новые перчатки на осень. (Mne nuzhny novyye perchatki na osen'.) шарф (sharf) "scarf" Ok, could you say it? шарф (sharf). Ok, good job. "My scarf was blown away with the wind." Мой шарф улетел от ветра. (Moy sharf uletel at vetra.) The end! The end of clothing accessories. I’m sure the millions of other accessories you probably make or create, but, yeah, today I learned my lesson and from now on umbrella is going to be my accessory. I'll try to make it look cool, and I’ll see you some other time with some Russian words, some random Russian words and me, Katyusha. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!) ремень (remen’) “belt”