Tutorial Transcript

Want to speak real Russian from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at RussianPod101.com Wake up, people, wake up, it's a lesson! Welcome to Russian weekly words. Today's the day and we're going to learn some Russian words, you might forget five minutes later, but maybe, maybe you will keep it and use it sometimes, you can always pretend that you’re Russian and speaks Russian, so just say blah blah blah, like play it cool. And the topic is family, Семья (Sem`ya). The first family person is… бабушка (babushka) "grandmother" Isn’t it cute? Sounds so cute! бабушка (babushka). But to make it even cuter we can call бабушка (babushka) бабуля(babulya). Я собираюсь посетить бабушку следующим летом. (Ya sabirayusʹ pasetytʹ babushku sleduyushchym letam.) "I am going to visit my grandma next summer." дедушка (dedushka) "grandfather" So the same as grandma, we can say grandpa, which is дедуля(dedulya). Мой дедушка заберет меня со школы. (Moy dedushka zaberyot menya sa shkoly.) "My grandfather will pick me up from school." дочь (doch) "daughter" You can also say дочка(dochka). Моя дочка любит сиреневый цвет. (Maya dochka lyubyt syrenevyy tsvet.) "My daughter likes purple color." сын (syn) "son" don't forget about the Y sound, сын (syn). Твой сын очень хорошо себя ведет. (Tvoy syn ochenʹ kharasho sebya vedyot.) "Your son behaves really well." жена (zhena) "wife" Твоя жена часто занимается спортом. (Tvaya zhena chasta zanymaetsa sportam.) "Your wife does a lot of sports." Wow, great wife! I hope you can use some of these words, and I’ll see you some other time. Keep in touch with your family, and good luck with Russian. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)