Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to Russian weekly words again with me Katya or Katyusha. And today’s topic is... “flavors”. Wow, what a delicious topic! “flavors” - вкусы (fkusy) Here we go to flavors. Горький (gor'kiy ) - “bitter”. It’s not the best flavor to start with, right? I mean... “Ginger ale is a bit bitter.” Джинджер эль немного горький. Dzhindzher el' nemnoga gor'kiy. “My life is bitter.” Моя жизнь горька. Maya zhizn' gar'ka. So next word is... кислый (kislyy) - “sour”. Sometimes if somebody is not happy, we can say “you look sour”. In Russian, it’s sounds like... Что это за кислое лицо? Shto eta za kislaye litso? What, like you have a sour face so which means somebody is like not happy. So it’s not offensive. It’s just somebody is not in a mood. So you can use that. “Lemon is cour” Лимон кислый. Limon kislyy. which is very obvious thing. Острый (ostryy) - “spicy”, we are just talking now about kimchi for a lunch. Do you like kimchi? Я люблю кимучи на ланч, потому что он очень острый. Ya lyublyu kimuchi na lanch, patamu shto on ochen' ostryy. It’s really spicy, that’s why I like kimchi for lunch. Do you like spicy food? Тебе нравится острая еда? Tebe nravitsya ostraya yeda? “Spicy” - острый (ostryy). Finally, my favorite flavor is sweet. That’s... "sweet" - сладкий (slatkiy). “I love everything sweet.” Мне нравится все сладкое. Mne nravitsa fsyo slatkaye. I prefer like really homemade sweets. You know this kind of donuts like dry bread, it’s called [бублики - bubliki]. When I was a kid, you can have it with tea and enjoy tea with [бублики - bubliki]. In Soviet Union times, we had limited amount of things that could be cooked or presented to people. Candies could be like really like a big treat for kids but nowadays of course we have all sorts of things we can choose from like abroad or like other brands. So yeah, I guess candies is the thing. We had many, many candies when I was a kid like you get it for New Year’s Eve like a present. You could hang it on a Christmas tree and just pick it up from there like apples you know. Cool memories! Oh! Солёный (salyonyy) - “salty”. “Salt” is соль (sol`). That’s why солёный (salyonyy) it’s kind of similar: соль (sol`) - солёный (salyonyy) “Do you like it salty?” Ты любишь солёное? Ty lyubish' salyonaye? Like sometimes pickles, you know. My grandma used to make some pickles and we would just always have it like with mashed potatoes or something as a side dish. Oh no! It’s finished again. No more flavors but there are so many flavors to talk about. Talk to you later! Пока-пока. Paka-paka. Bye.