Tutorial Transcript

Hello there and welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Today we are going to be talking about something I don’t know what. So I am inviting you to check it out with me. So follow my finger and... “Plants” - растения (rasteniya). Я очень люблю растения. (Ya ochen' lyublyu rasteniya.) “I really like plants”. Дерево (dereva) - “tree”. Я бы хотела посадить несколько деревьев. (Ya by khatela pasadit' neskal'ka derev'yev.) “I would love to plant few trees”. Next word is... лист (list) - “leaf”. На дороге много листьев. (Na daroge mnoga list'yef.) “There are many leaves on the ground” Next word is what am I seeing – Am I seeing right? Okay in English, it was a bit strange, it’s "weed". In Russia, we can also say сорняк (sarnyak) when these plants just grow where you don’t want it to grow, so you have to get rid of it and take it away. Моя бабушка выдергивала сорняки целый день. (Maya babushka vydergivala sarnyaki tselyy den'.) “My grandmother has been picking weed all day”. Let me change to another word... цветок (tsevetok) - “flower”. Мои друзья подарили мне много цветов на мой день рождения. (Mai druz'ya padarili mne mnoga tsvetof na moy den' razhdeniya.) “My friends got me a lot of flowers on my birthday.” Nice. You are a lucky girl. We are done with plants for today. Now go get yourself some flowers and I will see you for the next session... Пока-пока. (Paka-paka).