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Learn Words of LOVE in Spanish ❤ ❤ ❤
Wed 14th Jun 2017
I will teach you the most common phrases native Spanish speakers use. You will learn real life Spanish. You will learn many ways to say NO, as a native Spanish speaker does. You will learn to say "SORRY" in many ways. You will learn to express your EMOTIONS, you will know all the ways to say YES or MAYBE. You will learn useful phrases in you want to declare your love in Spanish, I LOVE YOU, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU, YOU ARE MY SKY AND MY STARS. You will learn how to make a phone call in Spanish. You will learn the difference between HOT and SPICY, CALOR vs CALIENTE. You will learn to ask "How are you?" in many ways that native Spanish speakers use. For instance, you will learn the difference betwenn ¿Qué pasó? and ¿Qué pasa? Calabaza. Watch my playlist and stop whining about not been able to learn Spanish. With me, Ana, there is no excuse anymore. Your excuses are finished. Now you learn or I will give you some very good nalgadas.