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hi everyone I'm Yesenia from Spanish pod 101.com in this video we'll be talking about the top ten phrases the parents always say let's begin Venga cuidado be careful danga cuidado be careful any time a parent sees their children doing something slightly dangerous they will say bang up with a bow guy got there be quiet gah yeah they be quiet kids are usually noisy so parents often tell children to be quiet by saying guiity which is the imperative of Kayastha comport that they behave calm for da de behave this is a command form of the verb called board Thursday it implies that the child is not behaving properly for example parents will say comport that day if their kids are being too noisy at a dinner party after that I do your homework as - Daria do your homework also this one is in command form so for example when children have been playing video games for too long their parents would order them us to tarea they don't mean go to bed there they are door need go to bed when their kid is up too late that's what a parent would say I know I've used that one voy a contar hasta tres I'm going to count to three voy a contar hasta dress I'm going to count to three this is classic the expression voy a contar hasta this is a way to make kids feel afraid of something that's going to happen it usually goes like this voy a contar hasta tres uno dos tres Baddeley stop bah la la stop you can use this anytime someone is doing a thing that you do not want them to do and not only with children giddy he stood what did you say gay the he's there what did you say when the child has said something bad to the parent the parent can go Gabey he stay it's like saying I dare you to say it again okay I will do the seed what did I just say gay at gobble they're the seed what did I just say when the parent gives a command but the child doesn't do it the parent with a stronger voice this time will say gay at gobble they're the seed that's an expression that means were you listening to me and if you were listening to me why aren't you doing the things that I told you to do so it's a bit of a scary one seppius allow scientist did you brush your teeth day Sippi yeah stay los dientes did you brush your teeth usually children don't like brushing their teeth so that's what parents have to remind them to do all the time okay that's all for this lesson which phrase do you like the most leave a comment letting us know and we'll see you next time hasta la próxima