Tutorial Transcript

hi everyone I'm Yesenia from Spanish pot 101.com in this video we'll be talking about top 10 must know vocabulary for the restaurant let's begin Masetto waiter may said Oh waiter estamos esperando aquel Masetto tamela or then we're waiting for the waiter to take the order Massena waitress may Sarah waitress this is a feminine form of Masetto and means waitress lamasery de bajo las heridas the waitress brought the drinks menu menu may new menu it ducks must include oh and Alma no tax is not included on the menu or the order or then order tomamos la orden para llevar or order was takeout next word is agua water uh wa water agua I will drink water postre desert pause tre desert simply I espacio paddle post day there's always room for dessert chef chef chef chef chef is famoso forces blood tio salud ablaze the chef is famous for his healthy dishes comida rapid ah fast food comida rápida fast food la comida rapid ah is burrata fast food is cheap restaurant a restaurant restaurant a restaurant el restaurante a no esta abierto the restaurant isn't open factura bill fat to de bill la factura fromage the local spirit the bill was higher than I expected okay that's all for this lesson which word do you like the most leave a comment letting us know and we'll see you next time hasta la próxima you