Tutorial Transcript

Hi, everyone, my name is Rosa, and today we'll be doing 10 Things to Do in the Summer in Spain. So let's go! viajar al extranjero "to travel abroad" Cada verano viajo al extranjero con mi familia. "Every summer I travel abroad with my family." aprender español con SpanishPod101.com "to learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com" Para hablar español en España, repasa y aprende con SpanishPod101.com. "To speak Spanish in Spain, review and learn with SpanishPod101.com." aprender a cocinar comida española "to learn to cook Spanish food" Aprende a cocinar paella y gazpacho para este verano. "Learn to cook paella and gazpacho for this summer." Paella, is rice, yellow rice, with seafood and sometimes meat, also, some vegetables. It depends on the region, maybe. And they do it differently, but it’s especially typical from Valencia. Gazpacho is a kind of tomato soup, it also has other vegetables, and it’s really refreshing for the summer. ver fuegos artificiales "to see fireworks" En San Juan tuve una cita para ir a ver fuegos artificiales. "For San Juan, I had a date to go see fireworks." salir de fiesta toda la noche "to party all night" Si vas a salir de fiesta toda la noche ponte unos zapatos cómodos. "If you go out partying all night, put on some comfortable shoes." ponerse moreno "to get a tan" Me gusta tomar el sol para ponerme morena. "I like to sunbathe to get a tan." hacer senderismo "to go hiking" Está bien hacer senderismo, pero en verano hay muchos bichos. "Hiking is good, but in summer there are lots of bugs." divertirse con los amigos "to have fun with friends" Hay que divertirse con los amigos y pasárselo en grande. "You have to have fun with friends and have a great time." It’s an order. ir a una casa de verano "to go to a summer house" El año pasado fui a una casa de verano que estaba al lado de un lago. "Last year I went to a summer house that was next to a lake." beber sangría "to drink sangria" Tanto si te gusta beber sangría como si no, te recomiendo que pruebes la sangría de cava. "Whether you like to drink sangria or not, I recommend you try the sangria de cava." So this is the end of today’s video. Today we did 10 Things to Do in the Summer in Spain. I hope you liked it, please don't forget to subscribe and check out SpanishPod101.com. And also leave us a comment telling us what the summer is like in your country. Hope to see you soon. Bye!