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hi everyone I'm Yesenia from Spanish pod 101.com in this video we'll be talking about the top 10 school subjects let's begin the first subject of course is espanol Spanish espanol Tom a glass espanol in a preparatory am I took Spanish class in high school do you like Mexican literature Mexico has some great authors for example one of them is Octavio Paz he won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature are they are odd day part and moose el éxito arte moderna the museum exhibited modern art have you ever visited a Mexican Museum I recommend the Popolo Teemu selänne no it's a famous interactive museum for children the focus is on science technology and art Astoria history East though the history the city is today at Astoria Diego I chose to study Greek history one of the most important historical events in Mexico is Mexico's colonization it is also known as its discovery and it was started in 1519 by the Spaniard Explorer of man Cortez did you know this shell graffia geography shell grah via geography tengo que hace un what can para mi casa de geografía I have to make a volcano from my geography class I never got to make one of those I really wanted to do Bulow here biology Bo law here biology lab you lo here s el estudio de los organized most Vivien tests biology is the study of living organisms kaamika chemistry key mica chemistry laboratory o es un lugar para aprender acerca de la Kanika the laboratory is a place to learn about chemistry speaking of Nobel prizes Deano about Mario Jose Molina Pascal and Regas that's a long one he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1982 physica Physics fee Sica Physics me profesor de física asunción EO my physics professor is a genius you can add another name instead of me profesor de física to express that someone is a genius Mathematica z-- math ma de ma T cos math remember that math is plural in Spanish responds I'll problem at the Mathematica answer the math problem informatica computer science in for matica computer science apparently como manipulate imagenes in my class today informatica i learned how to do image manipulation in my computer science class in less English in class English remember that in Spanish the names of languages and nationalities are not capitalized unless they are at the beginning of a sentence quiero especially Sammy and Lita a Torah and English I want to specialize in English literature okay that's all for this lesson which subject do you like the most I think my owns was English or history actually Spanish leave us a comment let us know below and we'll see you next time hasta la próxima