Tutorial Transcript

Hi, everyone, I'm Rosa. Today we'll be doing 15 Phrases for Bad Students. So let's begin! abusar "to bully" The first word is abusar, which is "to bully.” Es triste escuchar que hay tantos casos de abusos. "It is sad to hear that there are so many cases of bullying." alumno que hace novillos "truant" The next word is alumno que hace novillos. Este alumno hace novillos demasiado a menudo. "This truant skips classes too often." copiar en un examen "cheat on a test" The next word is copiar en un examen, which is "cheat on a test.” Ella copió en ese examen, pero el profesor la vio. "She cheated on that exam, but the teacher saw her." dormir en clase "sleep in class" The next one is dormir en clase, which is "sleep in class.” Me dormí en clase de fisiología vegetal. "I fell asleep in plant physiology class." True fact! empezar una pelea "start a fight" The next one is empezar una pelea, which is “to start a fight.” Él empezó una pelea, porque quería su juguete. "He started a fight because he wanted his toy." insultar "insult" The next one is insultar, which is “insult.” Cuando el profesor le regañó, él lo insultó. "When the teacher scolded him, he insulted him." burlarse "tease" The next word is burlarse, which is "tease.” Él se burló de su nuevo corte de pelo. "He teased her about her new haircut." no hacer los deberes "not do homework" The next one is no hacer los deberes, which is “not do homework.” No hice los deberes porque se me olvidó. "I didn’t do my homework because I forgot it." suspender una clase "fail a class" The next one is suspender una clase, which is “fail a class.” Ella suspendió la clase de literatura. "She failed the literature class." perezoso "lazy" The next one is perezoso, which is “lazy.” Ella era demasiado perezosa para hacer los deberes. "She was too lazy to do her homework." plagio "plagiarism" The next one is plagio, which is "plagiarism.” Ella plagió la redacción de su compañera. "She plagiarized her classmate’s composition." posponer "procrastinate" The next word is posponer, which is "procrastinate.” Normalmente siempre lo pospongo todo para el último día. "I always procrastinate until the last day." travieso "mischievous" The next one is travieso, which is "mischievous.” Siempre lo castigaban en clase, porque era muy travieso. "He was always being punished in class because he was very mischievous." faltar al respeto "disrespect” The next word is faltar al respeto, which is "disrespect." Él nunca falta al respeto a las personas mayores. "He never disrespects older people." llegar tarde a clase, which is "being late to class.” The next word is llegar tarde a clase "being late to class" Él siempre llega cinco minutos tarde a clase. "He is always five minutes late to class." So yep, this is the end of today's 15 Phrases for Bad Students. I hope you learned something, thank you for watching this video, please don't forget to subscribe. Bye!