Tutorial Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa. Today, we’ll be doing the 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Let’s begin! cena a la luz de las velas “candlelit dinner” Me preparó una cena romántica a la luz de las velas. “He prepared a romantic, candlelit dinner for me.” salir a dar un largo paseo “to go for a long walk” ¿Te gustaría salir a dar un largo paseo por el puerto? “Would you like to go for a long walk by the harbor?” ir a los bolos “to go bowling” Ir a los bolos es una buena idea, pero puede crear rivalidad. “Going bowling is a good idea, but it can create rivalries.” I would be stressed I think because I’m not good at bowling. Really? But then the guy can show you how to do it? Ah, like, taking your… Hahaha~ ir al acuario “to go to the aquarium” Para tener una buena cita en el acuario, mira bien los horarios. A veces puedes ir a darle de comer a los animales. “To have a good date in the aquarium, take a good look at the schedules. Sometimes you can go feed the animals.” ir al zoo “to go to the zoo” Me gusta ir al zoo, pero está lleno de niños. “I like going to the zoo, but it's full of kids.” hacer un pícnic “to have a picnic” Si haces un pícnic intenta llevar comida casera. “If you do a picnic, try to bring a home-cooked meal.” cenar y ver una película “to have dinner and see a movie” ¿Qué te parece si cenamos y vemos una película después? “How about having dinner and seeing a movie later?” coger un ferri “to take a ferry ride” Lo siento. No me gusta ir en ferry, me mareo mucho. “I'm sorry. I don't like to go by ferry; I get very dizzy.” pasear por la playa “to walk on the beach” Paseando por la playa encontró una concha preciosa y me la dio. “Walking on the beach, he found a beautiful shell and gave it to me.” ir al museo “to go to the museum” Si vas a ir a un museo, busca descuentos y los horarios por Internet. “If you go to a museum, look for discounts and schedules online.” Like there are some days that you can go to the Prado Museum in Madrid for free, I think on Sundays. And this is the end of today’s 10 most romantic ideas for a date. How would your ideal date be? Tell us in the comments below and please don’t forget to like this video, subscribe and check out SpanishPod101.com. Hasta la vista! See you!