Tutorial Transcript

Hello, everybody! This is Rosa and today, we’ll be doing the top 10 must know vocabulary for the restaurant so let’s go! camarero “waiter” Si no te gusta, díselo al camarero. “If you don't like it, say so to the waiter.” When I was younger, it was very awkward for me to say anything to the waiter like I wouldn’t complain or anything, but yeah, nowadays, if I think that they did something wrong, I think I’ll say it. camarera “waitress” Esta camarera es muy simpática y alegre. “This waitress is very kind and cheerful.” In this case and in a lot of words also in Spanish like when you want to change the gender from masculine to feminine, you change the last “o” into an “a” so that’s the case with camarero and camarera. menú “menu” Tenemos el menú en inglés y en español. “We have the menu in English and Spanish.” pedido “order” ¿Está listo el pedido de la mesa doce? “Is the order for table twelve ready?” agua “water” Me quedé sin agua. ¿Puedes pedirle más al camarero? “I ran out of water. Can you ask the waiter for some more?” In Spain, it’s not like some other countries in which like you’ll get water just when you’re entering the restaurant. So if you want some, you have to order it and you have to specify that you want tap water as well, like you’ll receive bottled water and you’ll have to pay for that obviously. But yeah, like normally they wouldn’t say anything, but you have to ask for it, yeah. postre “dessert” De postre, tráigame una tarta de Santiago, por favor. “For dessert, bring me a Santiago cake please.” Santiago cake is typical from Galicia from the northern part of Spain. It’s mainly prepared with almonds and it’s really good. chef “chef” Un buen chef tiene que ser muy estricto con la limpieza. “A good chef has to be very strict with cleaning.” So, yeah in Spanish, we pronounce the “ch” like “tse”, “tsef”. We write it the same way as in English, but the pronunciation is very difficult so be careful about that. comida basura “fast food” No entiendo cómo la gente puede comer comida basura sabiendo que no es buena para la salud. “I do not understand how people can eat fast food, knowing that it is not good for one's health.” So in Spanish, comida basura which could translate literally like “trash food” so it’s not like fast, it’s like trash. restaurante “restaurant” Este restaurante vietnamita tiene unos menús muy buenos entre semana. “This Vietnamese restaurant has very good menus during the week.” cuenta “bill” ¿Podría traerme la cuenta, por favor? “Could you bring me the bill, please?” So if you want to tell the waiter to bring you the bill without saying anything, you just can do this. So the waiter will understand you and they’ll bring you the bill. And this is the end of today’s lesson. Today, we did talk 10 must know vocabulary for the restaurant. I hope you liked it. Are there any other words for the restaurant that you missed on this list? Please tell us in the comments below. If you want to get more Spanish lessons, please check the site, SpanishPod101.com, and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please don’t forget to subscribe. Bye! Hasta luego.