Tutorial Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Rosa, and today we'll be doing the 10 phrases that make you look like a fool in Spanish. So let's begin! Es demasiado difícil, ni siquiera lo intentes. "It's too hard, don't even try." Who says it's too difficult for me? I can do anything! Sky's the limit! No estoy lista para aprender español. "I'm not ready to learn Spanish." Of course you are, don't say that. Just start step by step, and you'll get there eventually. Yeah! No podemos hacerlo. "We can't do that." yes you can, I tell you. Yes, Do your best! Solo haz lo que digo. "Just do what I say." Sorry, I will do it as I want. Nobody has to tell me how to do things. Nunca tendrás éxito. "You'll never succeed." So sad that someone tell you down, like, what do they know? Why would they put you down? Don't do that to other people. Be kind. Yo lo sé todo. "I know everything." Yeah, that really makes you look like a fool. Yo no necesito aprender nada más. "I don't need to learn anything anymore." Not true, you have to keep learning, there are always things to learn. Yo no necesito tus consejos. "I don't need your advise." Listen to it, you never know, they might surprise you, what they have to tell you. So, yes, be open mind, listen to them; and then if you don't want to follow their advice, you don't have to, but, yes, be open. Yo tengo la razón y tu estás equivocado. "I'm right and you're wrong." Even if you're right, you don't have to boast about it. You don't have to make another person feel worse about themselves just because you've got something right, because next time you might be wrong and you don't want them to tell you that you are wrong, so just keep that in mind. ¿Teníamos que hacer deberes? "We did have homework?" You should have ask that before, I don't know. Just carry a notebook with you and write everything you need to do. Ok so this is the end of today's 10 phrases that make you look like a fool in Spanish. So yes learn them but try not to use them. I hope you like it, thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe. Bye! Rosa approved.