Tutorial Transcript

Hi! This is Rosa. Welcome to Spanish Top Words. Today, we’ll be doing 10 animal sounds. Las abejas zumban haciendo bzzz. “Bees buzz, they go "bzzz".” Oh god. Ever since I watched this film in which their main character died because he was allergic to bees, I’ve been a bit scared of that even if I am not allergic to bees. Las ovejas balan haciendo bee. “Sheeps ba, they go "meeh".” I like sheeps. They are fluffy and cute. They always smile. Los burros rebuznan haciendo ii-aahh. “Donkeys bray, they go "hee-haw".” Los burros rebuznan haciendo ii-aahh, or something like that. “Donkeys bray, they go "hee-haw".” I get a little bit sad when I see these donkeys in fairs like children ride them and they are just like going around and around on a platform. Los caballos relinchan haciendo iiiih. “Horses whinny, they go "neigh".” So I used to ride horses when I was smaller, but, yeah, then I almost fell one and I got a bit scared. Los cerdos gruñen haciendo oinc. “Pigs snort, they go "oink".” Los cerdos gruñen haciendo oinc, oinc, oinc. “Pigs snort, they go "oink, oink, oink-oink".” Like a few years ago, I heard about these micro pigs and they are adorable, but I think I’ve never seen one in person. Los gallos cacarean haciendo quiquiriquí. “Roosters crow, they go "cock-a-doodle-doo".” I don’t know, that sound reminds me of when I was like younger and I used to go to my grandparent’s house and they lived in a small town. So yeah, I could always like wake up to the sound of roosters crowing. Los gatos maúllan: miau, miau. “Cats meow, they go "meow, meow".” Or not, I don’t know. I thought I could become like this old crazy cat lady, but lately I discovered that I’m allergic to cats so yeah, I have to find a replacement for that. Los pájaros pían haciendo pío, pío, pío. “Birds chirp, they go "tweet-tweet".” When I was a kid, I had this, not obsession, but I had a lot of stuff of Tweety like the Warner Bros. bird and I still have like some things back at home. Los perros ladran haciendo guau, guau. “Dogs bark, they go "bow-wow".” So I have a dog back in Spain and her name is Cheeky. She’s very cute, but she barks a lot. Los lobos aúllan haciendo aúúú. “Wolves howl, they go "awoo".” Have you ever heard the wolf go "awoo"? So this is the end. Today, we did 10 animal sounds. How do you make these sounds in your country? Please tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to check out SpanishPod101.com and subscribe to this channel. See you! Hasta pronto!