Tutorial Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. Yeah I am about to discover what holiday we will be talking about today and it’s La Tomatina which is a holiday that takes place in Valencia on the east of Spain. The most famous thing that happens during this holiday is that there is a tomato fight and people throw tomatoes at each other and it’s supposed to be very fun. The first word is La Tomatina which is Tomatina, the name of the holiday. [Existen reglas para que la gente no se haga daño durante la Tomatina] - “There are rules so that people don’t get hurt during the Tomatina”. The next word is Buñol which is Bunyola is the name of the city in which La Tomatina takes place. [Buñol es una ciudad pequeña conocida por la Tomatina] - “Bunyola is a small city known for the Tomatina”. The next word is Lucha de tomates - “Tomato fight”. So this takes place in a square and yeah people start throwing tomatoes at each other. [Algún año me gustaría hacer la lucha de tomates] - “Sometimes I would like to participate in Tomato fight”. The next word is Palo jabón which is “greasy pole”. There is like a tall pole which is greased and on top of that pole, there is ham like cured ham. There are like themes. The people from these themes have to try to like escalate these pole and get the ham. And well, the first person to get the ham like wins and when that happens also, that like marks the start of the tomato fight. So it’s not until someone gets the ham that the fight can start. [Tiene que ser muy difícil escalar el palo jabón] - “It must be very difficult to escalate the greasy pole”. The next word is Cabezudo which is “big-head puppet”. So these are very typical in plenty of Spanish holidays. They are like people wearing like huge like hats and they dance on the streets on yeah like cheer the people and they are fun but when I was a child, I was scared of them, I don’t know. [Los cabezudos bailan en las calles durante todo el día] - “The big-head puppets dance on the street all day.” And yeah this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you liked it and thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to check the site, bye.