Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Rosa. Today we are doing Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. So let’s see what the holiday for today is. It is San Fermín. San Fermín is held in Pamplona. It’s a city in the north of Spain. So let’s see the first word. The first word is San Fermin which is San Fermin, the holiday. Patron saint of Pamplona. [En Sanfermines todos visten de rojo y blanco] “In San Fermín, everyone wears red and white”. The next word is [corrida de toros] which is “bullfight”. It’s like one of the main attractions of this holiday. [Las corridas de toros se prohibieron en Cataluña] “Bull fights are prohibited now in Catalonia”. The next word is [encierro] which is running of the bulls. People from all over the world come to Pamplona on this day to run before the bulls. Yeah they are on the television like every year. Yeah it’s kind of dangerous. You have to be very careful. [Este año no hubo ningún accidente durante el encierro.] “This year, there was no accident during the running of the bulls”, I hope! The next word is [pañuelo rojo] - “red handkerchief”. [Todo el mundo lleva un pañuelo rojo en Sanfermines.] “Everyone wears a red handkerchief during San Fermin”. The next word is [chupinazo] which means “Firecracker shot”. The [chupinazo] takes place in the city hall of Pamplona and it marks the beginning of the celebrations. [El chupinazo sale en todas las cadenas de televisión] - “The [chupinazo] is in all TV channels”. So this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you learned something useful for you about Sanfermines. Please don’t forget to check the site. Bye.