Tutorial Transcript

Hello, my name is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition and I am about to see what the holidays of today is. It is Haro Wine Festival. It takes place during the summer. They have like drinking competitions. The first word is [Batalla del Vino] which is “battle of wine, wine festival”. [Todos acaban con las camisetas rosas durante la Batalla del Vino] - “During the battle of wine, everyone ends up with their shirts pink.” [pañuelo rojo] - “red scarf”. So everyone wears one with their white T-Shirt. [Todos llevan un pañuelo rojo en la Batalla del Vino] “Everyone wears red scarf in the battle of wine.” The next word is [corrida de toros] which is “bullfight”. So at the end of the day during this festival, they have like a bull fight. [Hubo un accidente en la corrida de toros]. “There was an accident in the bullfight”. The next word is [alcalde] which is “mayor”. So the mayor is the one, like, leading the people to the place where they have the battle of wine. [El alcalde guía a la gente subido en caballo.] “The mayor leads the people on a horse.” The next word is [vuelta] which is “the return”. So it happens after the battle of wine, they like return to their main square of the town and they celebrate like drinking and dancing and after that, there is a bullfight. [En la vuelta la gente está ya muy borracha]. “In the return, the people are already very drunk”. Yeah this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you learned something new with this video and don’t forget to check the site. Bye!